Thursday, August 11, 2016

And It Looks Like Rain

I'm dressed in one of my new shirts today and it looks like it wants to rain any minute.  With the kind of luck we've had this summer, it'll spend the day threatening and then wander off and rain on someone else.  I'd like to stop to feed peels to the chickens, get to work, and get to the corn stand after work without getting rained on, please.  It can rain like the dickens the rest of the day but for those short times I'd like it to not.  Thanks.

Dad's rose is blooming again.  Only two flowers are open but then I didn't manage to trim the canes last fall and I sure couldn't do it in April when I was stapled to the couch except for bathroom breaks and bed so it's probably wasting energy it should be using to make flowers trying to keep old canes viable.  Same with the raspberries.  I'll do better this year.  Cross my heart.

The honeysuckle has a few new flowers on it too.  I think about the huge honeysuckle out at the Angermeier farm when I was a kid and look at mine which is an offshoot of that one and sigh.  Of course we live 200 miles north of the farm so I guess it's logical that it'd be less lush but this year seems particularly sad.  Maybe I'll trim it back drastically this fall in hopes that it'll rally in the spring.

I had high hopes of getting a lot of knitting done at work yesterday, maybe even getting to the end of ball #3 of the shawl yarn and binding off but there were just enough customers so that it was a trick to finish one row in one go so there are no triumphant Done! pictures and no other knitting either.
I saw this yogurt last time I was in Walmart and couldn't resist.  It's Pineapple Jalapeno and I had it for breakfast today.  It wasn't bad, not nearly as hot as I imagined it would be.  It had just a piquant hint of jalapeno.  Pretty tasty.  If it wasn't so darned expensive I might consider getting it again.

August 11--Dennis Welsh,  Fly Fishing.  Kay watched the fisherwoman standing thigh-deep in the stream casting into a patch of shade just above where a log poked out of the water.  She thought it looked like she was trying to lasso fish with a spiderweb.  Kay couldn't figure out why they looped their line out and swung their fishing rods so dramatically.  Then there must have been a fish on because the woman's body tensed and her eyes focused on the spot where her line entered the water.  Kay saw the taut nylon quiver and then it began to move.  The woman cranked her reel and Kay heard her start talking to the fish.  "Come on, I'll let you go once I get a good look at you," she said, crooning as if trying to lure a lover.

And now, if I want to beat the rain, I'd better beat feet outta here.  Stay dry.  I'm going to try.

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Aunt B said...

Hope you managed your errands and stayed dry. It always seems to rain here on the rare days I get my hair done.