Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Picture of My Plate

You're probably getting tired of seeing my plate but I'm having fun making delicious food out of the new WW cookbooks so I'm showing you the food.  Look away if you must.  Last night's offering was in the breakfast section but we have a surplus of eggs right now so a frittata seemed like a good idea.  Plus we'd bought turkey bacon and wanted to try it.  This is a Bacon & Veggie Frittata with Goat Cheese.  Very tasty.  The bacon isn't Nueske's, not by a long shot, but it's edible in a dish.  It looks like the bacon equivalent of fake crab--some pink and white meat paste formed into a strip with a bit of bacon-y flavor and a lot less salt.  (kind of like Bac'os without the blood pressure raising level of salt)  I adjusted the recipe for 2 servings and left out the potatoes, partly because we don't have any but mostly because I wanted toast with it--and then forgot to make toast.  Oh well, we'd started with a cob of corn so we had a "bread"-ish item.  As much as I'd rather not dedicate 5 of my 30 daily points to a cob of corn with a tiny bit of butter, as long as there's Sunny Hill Farms corn we're having it.  The fresh corn season is too short up here in Tundra-land (although it's been a very un-tundra-like summer; please take away the humidity; we'll keep the hot, just ditch the humid, pleeeeeeze) to not eat it while we can.  I treated myself to a Quick Cherry Crisp for dessert.  I am not suffering here.

I unpinned the Black Bean Shawl so I can take it along to show off at the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow evening.  It turned out almost exactly the way I envisioned it.  I probably could have blocked it more severely to make the lace open up more but it's a nice size for my shoulders and will be a good wrap for the autumn being 60/40 wool and cotton.  Plus it's black and black goes with everything.

After supper I buckled down and worked on August Preemie Hat #2.  I decided that it needed stripes and not just plain stripes either, which upon reflection seems like a lot of ends for such a tiny hat but look at it, isn't it just darling? Or it will be when I finish it later today.   I figure just because you're little and sick you don't have to have a boring hat.  I'll do the rest of the hat in the orange and maybe leave off the little i-cord and make a regular crown.  Time will tell.

I didn't refill the book box last night so I hope I don't see any Little Free Libraries on my way to work.  Oh, wait, there's one a couple blocks from the store.  Hmm, guess I'd better get cracking... holy crap, I just remembered that I have to make lunches.  Type faster, Barbara.

August 17--John Dittli, Badlands Hiker, Death Valley.  Hot didn't cover it.  Hal felt as if every molecule of moisture was being sucked out of his body.  Just as his tissues were being dessicated while he walked, his mind felt as if the blazing sun and shifting sands were peeling layers of his sanity away with every step he took.

Time to run.

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Aunt B said...

The Black Bean Shawl will go with the new tops you showed us the other day. Good job! Love to see anything you cook.