Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Found Another One

I went across town for an errand yesterday and happened upon another Little Free Library so I stopped and put the last 2 books in my box in there.  Now the box is empty.  I need to go grab more because I'm going to be out and about in a different part of town and there are sure to be LFLs to be stalked.  If you know of any in your neighborhood (and live in Green Bay, WI and its environs) please comment or email or private message on FB with the address so I can widen my scope.  Thanks.

Look at the clouds this morning.  If the grass hadn't been dewy I might have just laid down and watched the light and cloud show.

The birdies are up and about.  A bluejay made swift strikes at the suet and birdbath.  A chickadee actually held still long enough for me to take its picture.  A goldfinch posed.  There were three males, all in their glorious summer yellow and black, squabbling at the finch feeder.  This is the victor.

We read someplace that yellow bee guards on hummingbird feeders actually attract bees, etc. so I got some red tempera paint, dug out a couple paintbrushes and painted them.  Durwood made some new birdie juice and I hung out one with all red flower parts.  We think there are a few fewer bees and wasps around to chase away the hummingbirds.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Last night I finished August Preemie Hat #1 and cast on #2.  It's still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that there are babies born, babies that live, with heads small enough to fit in this hat.  It reminds me of a thimble.

August 16--John Dittli, Northwest Territories Canoe.  Mike listened to his breath.  They had been paddling up the narrow inlet for three hours.  Gabe sat in the bow of the canoe leaning forward with every stroke.  Neither of them had spoken for the last hour except to call out "shift" when one of them moved to paddle on the other side.  The longer they were out in the cold and damp the more ragged Mike's breath became and this morning he felt a pain grow on his right side.  Sun glinted off the snow caps of distant peaks and the blue-white of Andersen Glacier at the head of the inlet seemed to wink at them when clouds passed overhead.  Gabe didn't notice when Mike stopped paddling.  He didn't feel Mike slump forward and lose his grip on his paddle.

After spending an hour working on the Knitting Guild's library at a downtown church I roamed around the Astor neighborhood looking for Little Free Libraries.  I found six plus a couple of them I passed but need to park and walk to--and now I need to fill up the book box again.  I didn't totally empty it today but almost.  I am really enjoying this.  Can you tell?  This one has a little pile of firewood next to its chimney and flag.

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Aunt B said...

You have your own personal version of that newest craze -- Pokemon Go. And your LFL version makes so much more sense. Your sky picture today reminded me of the brilliant blue sky and enormous white clouds overhead when I left my bridge game yesterday. I thought of you as I said to myself "If only I could capture that in a picture to share with Barbara Sue." Unfortunately that is beyond my photographic abilities but it was a beautiful sight that reminded me of my beautiful niece.