Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birds Are Too Fast For Me

Lots of birds visited the feeder this morning while I was getting myself organized to do yoga.  There was a pair of bluejays snacking at the suet feeder, a hairy woodpecker (like a downy but with bed head all over its body) hopping from crook to crook to get to the suet, and a hummingbird shot by for a sip.  The only one that held still enough for me to snap was this goldfinch.  But they were here, really they were.

I didn't knit much yesterday, just added a few rows to the Denim Doublethick Dishcloth, but on my way to Kwik Trip for bananas and donuts the sun and a band of clouds put on a little show for me.  I was dreading driving straight into the setting sun but there was this one band of clouds in just the right place so I didn't go blind and there were no other cars around so I could stop to take a picture at just the right spot.

We've got Blossom End Rot in one tomato plant, dammit.  So I'll water them well and then make a gallon of water with 1/4 cup of Epsom Salts dissolved in it and pour it in the affected plant.  I'll probably sprinkle a little bone meal on the soil first because Blossom End Rot's caused by low calcium in the soil.

August 3--David Mechlin, Margates with Diver.  The school of silver fish turned in the water like louvers reflecting the light.  They hung there motionless letting the surge push them forward and then back.  I watched the silver scales flash and gleam and wished I could swim like them.  I worked hard to get my buoyancy so I could hang in the water like the fish and let the surge lift me forward and then tug me back.  I felt as though I were finally a part of this underwater world.

I get to go to work today.  Guess I'd better bestir myself because I still have to dress and make lunches and I haven't left myself much time but at least I did manage to make time to do my yoga.  Giddyap!

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Aunt B said...

Beach Week can be sooooo boring. But don't tell that to the Rehders. They're having a great time just sitting around doing nothing. At least our night to cook turned out well. Doing stuff in the kitchen makes me happy.