Saturday, August 27, 2016

Marauding Rodents

I don't know who's the culprit but some @$%&# rodent knocked down a tomato and took a big gnaw out of it.  I suspect a chipmunk because they're always scampering up one stalk or another, the little demons.

I got a lot of the August Seamen's cowl done last night at Friday Night Knitting.  I need about an inch more blue before reattaching the red, knitting five rows, and then binding off.  There's four more days of August left, I should get done, no problem.  Speaking of tomatoes, FW send bags and bags of cherry tomatoes she and LB picked from her garden to Friday Night Knitting.  I bought home two bags, one for us and one for Lala.  Yum.

Four weeks from today I drive away for my writing workshop at The Clearing.  I'll tackle my novel, The Seaview, yet again but this time I won't have to rely on my (increasingly faulty) memory for facts about the island of Anguilla.  You know that I'm sifting through my books and disseminating them in Little Free Libraries around town.  Well, in my last grab to refill the box in my car I rediscovered this little volume about a couple leaving Vermont and opening a restaurant on Anguilla.  I cracked it open when I found it, started to read, and realized it's a gold mine of scenery-type facts and insights into life on a tiny Caribbean island.  As you can see I've got a highlighter and Post-its already in play.  It's like I'm doing homework.  Good girl, Barbara Sue.

August 27--Kevin Harris, DS96-0010.  You might know that the water heater would burst and spray hot water all over the basement when my parents were out for the evening.  I heard water pattering in the basement right under my bedroom and went down there to see water pouring out of the pipe and the bottom of the tank, spraying all over the waiting laundry and cardboard boxes on shelves all around it.  I didn't know what to do. I tried turning a valve on the top but it twisted around with no effect on the volume of water.  I found the main water shut off but that wouldn't budge.  I got a wrench and hammered it loose so I could stem the gushing flood.  It never occurred to me to fill the tub or a bunch of buckets so we could manually flush the toilet.  Time dragged until headlights swept across the picture window and I got to ruin my parents' party mood with the news of the flooded basement, expensive repairs, and no water.

Time to slap some pictures on here and go wait for Lala to arrive.  We plan to go to the amusement park.  It's been raining, of course, but we'll figure out something fun to do.

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Aunt B said...

Rain is forecast here for tomorrow -- the day I'm getting a perm! Why does that always happen. Like your plans with your friend. Weather!!!