Thursday, August 25, 2016

No Food or Birds, Only Knitting and Flowers

But I did find two more Little Free Libraries on my way home from work yesterday.  The first one I stopped at I've known about for a long time because I pass it on my way to work, but yesterday's the first time I stopped.  I noticed that it only had a few books in it when I went to work and by the time the day was done and I was back it was dead empty.  I'll probably stop again today to put in more.  We can't have an empty LFL.  The other one I drove by trying to go the back way to a new gas station that sent out coupons for $1 free gas this month.  I've been forgetting about the coupons so I pumped a gallon on my way to work, one on my way home, and I'll do the same today so none of the coupons go to waste.  I got info about two more LFLs this week.  Good thing I have a lot of books to get rid of.  I still can't bear to get rid of all of them but most of them, fffft!, they're outta here.

I got a good amount of cowl knitted between customers and learning how to do something new on the POS computer program then writing out the steps for Mrs. and Mr. Boss.

On my way to work today I'll swing by the hospital downtown that has the NICU and drop off the August Preemie Hats.  Four isn't many but I figure some is better than none.

Look at these sunflowers!  They're so tall I could barely take their picture.  I've tried and tried to grow sunflowers but the @#$%& squirrels gnaw them off before they get tall.  Maybe I'll try them on the garden edge next year.

August 25--Kevin Harris, DS96-0012.  Kay felt as big as a house or maybe a whale, a Blue Whale at that.  She knew to the minute how long she'd been pregnant--39 weeks, 3 days, 7 hours, and 24 minutes.  That meant in less than a week she should be back to normal.  Oh, she knew that she'd never truly be the same but she'd like to be able to see her feet and tie her own shoes.  Doc Walters said she could go at any time but Adele at the Cozy Corner Cafe said she had at least a week and Adele was never wrong.  When Kay hear that she burst into tears.  Adele had brought her a piece of warm apple pie with a scoop of homemade cinnamon ice cream on the side.  That had helped to soften the blow--a little.

And now I"m off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving and put an other gallon of gas in my car.  Bye-bye.

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Aunt B said...

If there are any LFL's in Wilmington, I don't know about them. How can that be??? Maybe I haven't been driving around in the right places.