Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If Only I Could Read...

I finally sat myself down and really read the pattern and there is the explanation of the shifted row on the cable chart.  Right there.  Not, of course, in the part of the pattern I looked at but next to it.  Now I circled it in red so I don't wonder what to do when I come to that point again--in two more rows.  Then I get to decrease and I'll be done with this hat.  And I'll love it and be so glad I did it, but it's been a real slog.  Maybe because the yarn's black...

Speaking of yarn, a few months back I bought some discontinued yarn from someone online and paid a few bucks for it.  I forgot it and it turns out so did the seller.  She found our emails, was horrified, and contacted me.  Well, she found the yarn and felt so bad she threw in extra, and it came yesterday.  The yellow Svale is the original one, the other yellow one is wool and cashmere, and she said the blue is silk.  No ballband on that last one so I'll have to do some figuring out but I'm sure it'll make something pretty.

December 1--Nohls Fischer.  Val was sure the barrel of the gun was the last thing she would ever see.  This day had been unreal.  She arrived in Bluestem early in the morning.and was immediately sure she was in the wrong place.  It was sun-baked and looked deserted.  She parked next to the only other vehicles in sight which were parked in front of a diner called "Sam's Eats."  It wasn't much cooler inside, a pair of sluggishly turning ceiling fans spread the aroma of frying bacon and scorched coffee.

That's all I've got today.  It's taken me half of the day to write this and I couldn't tell you what kept me busy all day but there you are.

P.S.  Blogger/Google wouldn't let me post pictures on here when I tried last night so I saved it and figured they'd have it fixed this morning.  They don't.  Or maybe it's my computer... anyway, I'll try from work in a little while.

While I'm knitting news since I was last here, I worked a few rows on the mosaic dishcloth I'm knitting for the BLKG exchange in about 10 days (better get cracking) and I got to the decreases on the Knoxville Seathwaite hat.  Yippee!  Hooray!  Proof that if you knit on a project it gets made

THE SUN IS OUT AND SHINING!  Right now!  Sorry for the yelling but it's been quite a few days since we've seen it and I'm kind of excited and exhilarated by the whole thing.  When I went out to top up the birdbath I could see breaks in the clouds and little peeks of blue sky so I was hopeful but didn't want to say anything.  Anyway, I'll try to post this later once I'm at work.  You have a good day.

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Aunt B said...

Glad you figured out the problem with that hat because I know it's going to be cute! Call when you can and I'll give you the rundown on the wedding. Playing bridge today but will be home later this afternoon. Hooray for sunshine!!!