Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snow Came Back--With a Vengance

It started snowing about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, just in time for Durwood's chiro appointment, so I dropped him off and went to the grocery--along with half of the population of the county.  By the time we got home an hour later the roads were like ice and it was blowing like crazy.  It took three tries to build up enough momentum to get the van into the garage and then I had to shovel the driveway and put some salt down to get my car to stick to it.  It snowed and blew all evening and into the night.  This morning it had stopped but we had 13.76" of new, heavy, wet snow to deal with.  It isn't clear on the picture but snow completely squared off the front of my car; it was like a white and red rectangular box.  And look at the overhanging drifts.  I got those knocked down first thing, then spent about an hour snowblowing the driveways.  Our renter came home because they cancelled his work to say that when he'd taken his wife to work he'd barely made it out and back in with his 4-wheel drive engaged.  Guess I'm staying put today.  Besides the plow hasn't been by yet so I'd be sure to get stuck in the street before I even make it to the bottom of the hill.  Staying home for me.  I foresee some hot chocolate in my future.


A cardinal visited the platform feeder this morning.  They really stand out with all the fresh white snow.

Speaking of snow, that's the name of the color of the Sudoku square I'm working on.  I went into a bit of a decline when I realized that the pink one I finished recently was #6 not #7, but I rallied and cast on Snow #6.  So nine more squares, three more blocks, after this one's done.

December 29--Scott Barrow, Inc., DS5-QP:089.  It was a perfect day for a hike--cool, clear, and sunny.  Jean got her small house in order and left for the trail head.  When she'd bought her house nine years ago after her divorce she hadn't known that the small parking areat at the end of the street was the start of the Eagle Mountain Trail.  The entire marked trail covered over twenty miles.  She had never hiked all the way, she usually turned back somewhere between three and five miles.  Maybe today she'd go farther.

What is it about not being able to go out makes a person think of fifteen places she really needs to go?  I think I'm going to go sew, at least until the plow comes through and then I'll be back out there in my fleece pants and Durwood's old giant, Sorrel boots steering the snow blower to clear the plow drift across the base of the driveway.  Yippee.

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Aunt B said...

It's hard to imagine all that snow coming down in one fell swoop!!! Especially when we're still going out without even a sweater on! You are a very strong girl to be out there blowing, salting, etc. Sounds challenging.