Friday, December 4, 2015

I Almost Forgot To Blog!

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't remember sitting down to blog yet today, so I came to check to see if I'd slipped another gear.  Whew.  I hadn't.  I went to Walmart for a few things, one of which was to pick up the tablet/laptop we ordered for banking, so I spent quite a bit of the rest of the afternoon getting that set up for Durwood's high level finance management.  It's not a bad little toy.  We went to Office Depot for a wireless mouse and a USB hub because that's easier for him to use plus then he can plug in a printer or something else.  We found five different Solitaire games on it... I know what he's doing tonight.

At Walmart I got the ingredients for a cabbage, sweet potato, and turkey bratwurst soup.  I had regular brats that I browned first and, since I wanted to double the recipe, looked for turkey meatballs.  They didn't have them so I just got a bag of regular meatballs that I cut in half.  It's in the crockpot for the evening.  It'll be good for next week's lunches.  I hope.

Last night I finished the Maze Dishcloth and Sudoku Violet #6.  The dishcloth needs firm blocking and I should have bound off more tightly.  I may tink that back and redo it.  Depends how I feel later.

Thirty-nine years ago today I hitched my wagon to Durwood's star and we've been dragging each other around town and around the globe ever since.  We're going out to breakfast tomorrow, to Appleton to Penzeys for spices, and we'll stop at Cook's Corner on the way home.  We really know how to celebrate an anniversary, don't we?

December 4--Sue Bennett, Distant Lightning.  Dana heard the thunder in the distance and looked out the patio doors toward the west.  A boiling line of dark gray clouds rose to blot out the setting sun.  As she watched, lightning shot out of the base of the clouds to dance across the ground.  She felt the thunder vibrate up through the floor and she ran out to stow the chairs and umbrella before they got blown away.  As she put the last chair in the shed, the first big drops of rain began to fall.  They left silver dollar-sized spots on the patio blocks and they hurt when they hit her face.  She ran for cover.

The pizza just buzzed.  I have to go.  Bye!

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Aunt B said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you two sweethearts!! Love that picture of your hands sporting the wedding bands. It'll be thirty for us next month. Doesn't seem possible but the years go by. Lots of wonderful times together.