Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Odd Balls

I  was all excited about crocheting oddball snowballs yesterday.  I made two of them with the dregs of some gray and neon Thick 'N Quick, but I got cold feet when I started the next one using some blue and purple yarn, and completely nixed the idea of using the rest of the green Cascade Magnum.  It's 56 yards and I can knit a small-ish hat from that.  I know some small-ish headed people.  I think I might make the blue and purple one after all; I don't have much of that left so I can't make it into anything else.  It might as well be a snowball.

The other evening after I'd decorated the tree and put everything away I sat on the couch--and sat on something.  First I prayed that what I was sitting on wasn't breakable, then I got up and found the little elf I knitted last year at the Guild Knit-Away day.  I'd grouped the teddy bear. stuffed Santa, and the two big crocheted elves under the tree.  I put the stuffed moose I got from the bank about a century ago up on the TV armoire.  So I stuck the knitted elf in the wood-turned chalice that Grandpa made.  He looks kind of happy and a bit rakish there.

It's snowing.   Not a lot but snow is falling and it's cold enough for it to mean it.  Then again it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.  Like a doofus, I stayed up until midnight so I didn't write.  I'll be turning in at a more reasonable time tonight. That is all.

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Aunt B said...

You're right. The green snowballs just don't cut it. And the tiny elf is my favorite -- perched there on that wooden chalice daddy made a hundred years ago. Nice handmade display all the way around. I tried to take a picture of the sunrise yesterday but failed. It was so pretty -- all pink streaks, etc. But none of the color showed in my shot. I definitely cannot compete with you in the photo department. Always love yours!