Sunday, December 6, 2015


Last night after supper and recovering from our day whirling around the shopping merry-go-round of insane traffic I finished the Knoxville Seathwaite Hat.  Yes, pilgrims, finished.  I even wove in the tails so it's locked and loaded and ready for winter.  It is a beautiful hat and the pattern's well-written but I think I wasn't ready for the intensity of the cables.  In the 20 rounds of the 20 stitch repeat (of which there were six) I don't think more than three rounds were cable-less.  That's a lot of cabling and a lot of thinking.  (hmm, maybe all that thinking is what slowed me down?)  Anyway, it's done and it looks smashing on LC's teddy bear.  (It looks okay on me but it's hard to take my own picture and Durwood's busy napping.)  I've got plenty of that yarn, I'm thinking of making a pair of matching mittens, maybe with only one bigger cable up the back.  Yeah, one big cable, not a gazillion smaller ones going on and on into the sunset.

I slept until almost 8 o'clock this morning.  This is how much sun we've got by then.  It felt odd doing my yoga with a fully lit backyard and feeders to gaze upon.  (now it's fully overcast, grrr)  Oh, and right before the last pose (savasana which is corpse pose or laying flat on your back; that's the one I do best) a squirrel abandoned its efforts to nab a peanut from the wreath and jumped to huddle in the platform feeder where the peanuts are laid out for the taking.  For the bluejays' taking, actually, but try telling a squirrel that.

December 6--Jack McConnell, Executive Woman with Computer.  I hate that picture of me.  There I am with my big hair, big shoulder pads, with my big computer behind me.  Everything was "of the moment" and "state of the art," right down to the silk bow at the neck of my blouse.  Whoever convinced women in those days that linebacker shoulders would make us powerful in the workplace had to be laughing up his sleeve.  And that computer.  I've got a hundred times more computing power in my wristwatch today than that Texas Instruments monolith that took up have my office.  God, who put that picture in the family album?  Turn the page.

Speaking of electronics, I got the new DVD player hooked up before I came back here and now I have both pictures AND sound.  Hooray!  Now I can watch my underwater DVDs and the astronomy course I got from The Great Courses.  I want to learn all about the stars.  Next I'll make the bank website Durwood's homepage when he clicks Firefox on his new tablet/laptop and change a couple lightbulbs in the bathroom and then more than half of my to-do list will be complete.  I'm rocking the chores today.  And I'll still have time to knit on something new.  Yippee yay!  I hope you're Sunday-ing the daylights out of today.

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Aunt B said...

I love that hat. No wonder Andy wants one. Maybe you can teach him how to knit!!! You sounds so very "now" with all your techie gadgets! Nice to figure out how all that works. You're on smart cookie!!!