Thursday, December 10, 2015

Widdle Sockies

I think I've finally got the Training Sock I was dreaming about.  I'm so glad that I decided to make one using a different color yarn for each sock part.  The lilac one is cute the but the polychrome one is the cutest.  I wasn't thrilled with having to weave in all those ends but one of these days I'll sit down with VJ and have her teach me how to knit my ends in as I go.  One of these days.

I got a haircut this morning.  I let FL play with it after cutting it.  I have big hair again.  It feels and looks odd.  I am not a big hair girl, I'm a wash and wear hair girl.  The one saving grace is that my hair is so fine that it'll have fallen pretty much back to the way I like it by the end of the day.

The sun tried to come out this morning.  I almost had to wear my sunglasses on the drive to the salon, almost, but the clouds had taken over by the time my haircut was complete.  Is this what it's like to live in Seattle?

Tonight's the Guild Christmas Party and Dishcloth Exchange so this morning I unpinned the Maze Dishcloth from the foam tile where it was drying into a squarish shape.  I like it a lot, in fact, it'll be kind of hard to give it away especially since Lily doesn't make that soft teal color yarn anymore but I have enough knitted cloths for now and I can always make another maze and knit another cloth even if it won't be out of soft teal and white.  Oh, and I'm taking some of my family-famous onion bread and butter to share.

December 10--Lucille Khornak, 000-97-DS56-SH.  Daniel reached out, watching to make sure the old man didn't mind.  Grandpa's hand lay still on the blanket and he eyes stared at the ceiling.  He blinked very slowly like the lizards Daniel saw when they went to Florida.  Daniel let his hand settle onto Grandpa's hand, warm meeting cold.  It took a few minutes but Grandpa's gaze shifted toward Daniel.  "Manny?"  Grandpa's voice sounded rusty, he hardly talked anymore.  "No, Grandpa, I'm Daniel.  Manny's my dad."

That made me sad so I had to quit, besides it was late.  Now I'm going to go heat up my lunch soup.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

That maze dishcloth looks so complicated and incredible! You are very generous to give it away. Love your new FB picture sporting the new haircut. Very pretty!