Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Still No Sun

I'm not going to depress you by showing you the gray and dreary sky.  Trust me, it's a prescription for depression.  When will the sun shine again?  Probably tomorrow or Thursday when I'm at work all day and it's dark by the time I leave at 5 o'clock.  *sigh*

I knitted a solid color training sock yesterday.  It's such a cute little thing, isn't it?  Then on my way home I thought, hey, I have six colors of the same yarn, I should make each separate part a different color so the people PH and I are teaching how to knit socks in January will be able to see them.  I'm so smart, also I saw it in a book when I was learning to knit socks.

Remember that squirrel I showed you sitting hunched in the platform feeder?  Durwood noticed that it doesn't even bother with the peanut wreath anymore, it just scales the crook, jumps onto the platform, and makes off with the peanuts.  No bluejays come anymore.  So I've decided to stop putting peanuts in the platform just to thwart that stupid tree rat.  Take that, you... you... squirrel.

December 8--James Robinson.  The man in the tuxedo sat hunched over his cello, bow in hand, engrossed in his music.  Claire watched as he leaned into and out of the shaft of sunlight, his hair flashing like spun gold.  She wondered why he wore his tux when he was playing in his own apartment and she cursed the windows that couldn't be opened so she never heard him play.

And that's that.  I need to find some more inspiring pictures to write about.  Maybe if I shuffle through the deck...

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Aunt B said...

I hate those seemingly endless dreary days! I'm going to make my resolution for 2016 to be more positive -- but it isn't 2016 yet!! That tiny little sock is so cute and your plan to use different colored yarn for the various steps in making one is too clever.