Friday, December 11, 2015

Where Did The Day Go?

This is what it looked like when I went out to get the paper and then I think I had breakfast and read the paper.  I swear it was only about fifteen minutes ago that I left to do some grocery shopping.  It was about 10:30 a.m., really it was, and now it's 9:30 at night.  Where did the day go?  Okay, so I went to Walmart and Festival and Aldi and Copps and the library to return an audiobook, then came home and put it all away, after that it was time for Duwood's chiropractic appointment, we ate leftover pizza for supper when we got home, and I went off to Friday Night Knitting.  So I guess it's the right time, I just had a whirlwind day.

I got a pretty green dishcloth in the exchange last night.  You can't tell from the picture but it's really soft.  Really really soft.

I finally sat down and crocheted Sudoku Block #5 together.  The ends still need to be woven in but that won't take much time.  So that means I'm over halfway, at least as far as the building the blocks part of the thing.

Last night at the Guild meeting JL came up to me with this crocheted hat made out of some Dazzleaire yarn which was big in the '70s, maybe the '60s.  I know Mom knitted me a sweater out of it when I was in high school, that was in the '60, the last half of the '60s.  I'm not quite that old.  Anyway, someone had given her a bunch of yarn and this almost-finished hat was with it.  She doesn't crochet and asked if I'd finish it and then donate it.  I said sure.  There's such a tiny bit of yarn left, I hope I have enough.

December 11--Chip Henderson Photography.  Toni paddled the bright yellow kayak away from shore.  The water was so clear it felt like she flew above the sandy bottom.  Fish darted away from the shadow she cast.  She reveled in the crisp feel of the sun on her shoulders and the light tradewinds that cooled her.  Amos had gone fishing with some guy he met at the dive shop so she decided to kayak out to the little, uninhabited island a half-mile offshore for a picnic.

It's late.  Pretty soon it'll be time to write tomorrow's blog post and I won't have anything to say.  G'night.

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Aunt B said...

Another busy day in the life and times of Barbara Sue. Maybe because it's December but my life and times are like that too. So much to do - so little time!!! And it's like summertime down here. Supposed to be in the 70's today!! But I'm not complaining.