Saturday, December 19, 2015

Damn, It's Cold

But look--blue sky and the sun!  It's breezy and cold.  I overfilled the birdbath a bit and look at the nice icicle I made.  When I stopped for gas the wind cut right through my heavy winter coat.  I was smart and had on a wool hat and gloves but I was still cold.

Durwood's in the kitchen chopping veggies for his Italian Wedding Soup.  It'll be tastier if it "ages" overnight.  Once he's done I'll mix up the Japanese Chicken Wings marinade and get those soaking up all that soy goodness.

His sharp eyes spotted a Bluejay up in the bare apple tree, then it came down for a drink, and finally it pecked at a few seeds on the ground before flying off.  We were both really glad to see one again.

I didn't manage any knitting yesterday.  Well, I knitted on the Southwest Cowl at Friday Night Knitting but by the end of the evening I realized that I really, really don't like it and the yarn would probably be happier being something else so I yanked out the needle and I'll wind the yarn back into a ball and start over.  I feel better.

By the time I got to bed my brain felt like it was turned off so there's no prompt writing for today.  Sorry.  Stay warm.

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Aunt B said...

Cold down here too. But sunny -- so that's OK. All that food you're making sounds wonderful -- especially for a cold winter evening! Glad your blue jay came back and even (kinda) posed for you!