Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow Came, Snow Melted

The snow that we had when we woke up yesterday melted over the day because the sun came out to chase it off.  Tonight might be a different story.  The wind picked up to madness velocity this morning and a thick blanket of clouds arrived with it.  They're predicting 1-3" this afternoon and 5-8" overnight.  Oh, goodie.  Even if we get the lowest predicted snow, it'll still be 6" worth of shoveling and drifting.  Ack.  Can't we start out with some soft, pretty snow falling like we're in a Christmas movie?  Why do we have to plunge right into ascending-Everest-in-a-storm snow?  Watch, we'll get all this build up and about two dozen flakes, which I would totally be happy with.

I saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker snatch a sunflower seed from the platform feeder this morning but he was too fast for me to take his picture.  I know it's a boy because he came back to the suet feeder so I got a picture of his head but then he turned around to peck at the suet in the back compartment and I saw the little pale rust patch on his belly where they get their name.  It's a boy.

I planned to work on the play kitchen sewing all day yesterday but then Durwood mentioned that he really wanted a wireless printer so he can print out the banking pages so I searched online for wireless printers that work with Windows 10.  Walmart didn't have one but Office Depot did and it was on sale--and I just happened to have a $20 rebate for Office Depot that was expiring 12/31.  So being the good wife that I am I went up, got a printer, and came home to get it all hooked up and set up and downloaded and working.  *fists in the air*  Which took up most of the morning and afternoon so I didn't get nearly as much sewing done as I had hoped.

I did get a little sewing done.  I attached the seat to the front, then sewed on the microwave and a strip of binding to be the shelf it's sitting on.  I have lots more ideas of how to jazz it up but I think I'd be better off just finishing it with the pockets in clear vinyl on the skirt and back like I planned.  I can add embellishments later if I want, right?

December 28--Scott Barrow, Inc., DS5-QP:0082.  Clarice liked it when she spun so fast that the world was a blur.  She would run in a circle pushing the merry-go-round in the playground, then jump on and twirl around with her hair flying.  When it slowed she'd get off and do it again.  It was even better when a big kid pushed because they ran faster and she could just ride.

I just realized why we're having a snowstorm today, our friends KC and DM are coming home from Bonaire tonight and we all know you can't come home from a tropical vacation unless it's snowing to beat the band.  Maybe it could snow just on them?

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Aunt B said...

That play kitchen is so very clever!! What a great idea and what a great grandma you are!! Yes, snow. Gotta happen sometime. It's still like Spring down here but it can't last all winter, can it??? Who knew it would last this long!