Sunday, December 20, 2015


We got some.  More presents too.  Even Beverly the HHR has a pal in the driveway.  DD & SIL1 arrived around 10 o'clock last night, tired and road weary, but safe.  It'll be a very short visit but we're so glad they're here.

I finished up the last of the snowballs last night with about a yard of yarn to spare.  I've got 25 of them and I like them a lot.  Durwood says that an indoor snowball fight, even with yarn snowballs, will mean broken ornaments and he's probably right... but snowballs are made for throwing.  Maybe some snowball tossing?

One of the squirrels discovered the corn in one of the feeders yesterday and was doing his darnedest to get some out of one of the openings.  He nibbled some caught between the feeder and the "squirrel proof" cage (a misnomer if ever there was one; if one kernel gets wedged in there a whole trio of squirrels can dine at their leisure) and flicked some out of the feeder ports.  Durwood wants to shoot it, wants to shoot them all with his BB gun.  He thinks he can train them not to eat what he doesn't want to eat.  I'm taking bets on that working.  I have no faith--and I've hidden his BB gun and ammo.

December 20--Portlock Productions.  The waves felt like warm hands tugging at Lori's feet as she walked on the firm wet sand.  This warm, salty ocean was so different from the cold freshwater she was used to.  She had lived by Lake Michigan all her life and thought that she knew all there was to know about big bodies of water but coming to the ocean was a whole different world.  There were a few sandy beaches on the lake shore but most of the shoreline was rocky.  Discounting the obvious, salt vs. fresh water, the temperature was a shock.  This Atlantic beach wasn't that much farther south than home but the water at home was like melted ice compared to the soft warmth bathing her feet.

We spent most of yesterday making a tidy around here.  You know, I really really like the way the house looks when the piles are gone and the surfaces are clear.  Just saying.


Victoria Jicha said...

I think that must be a local colloquialism - "making a tidy" - never heard it before. I used to have a Jamaican friend who said the house looked "lighter" when everything was cleared away.

Aunt B said...

OK, I admit it. I love the crochet snowballs! Even the green ones!! And if you don't at least toss them around..... well, I have a feeling that when LC is over, there'll be a few snowball "fights"!!! Glad the kids got there safe and sound. The two cars look very cute snuggled up there in the driveway!