Thursday, December 24, 2015

Some Days Are Like That

Yesterday morning DD & SIL1 drove off toward home and I got ready for work.  I was (of course) running a little late and when I started the car the "check tire pressure" light went on.  Now this indicator has a tendency to light up when the tire pressure falls just a tiny bit so I hopped out to make sure it was okay to drive.  It wasn't.  The right rear tire was flat as a pancake.  So I gingerly backed out of the driveway along the curb, ran into the house, grabbed the keys to Durwood's aircraft carrier of a van, and zoomed up to Joe's to leave my keys.  I told Chad I'd call AAA when I got to work and have them tow the car there.  He told me they had to have keys to tow it so I had to go back home and leave the keys in the dashboard compartment of the car.  *pant, pant*  Once I got to work I called AAA to get a tow truck to come.  The operator was helpful-ish, insisting that someone had to be there to "release" the vehicle to the tow truck driver.  Well, see, Durwood was asleep and he doesn't hear the phone when he's sleeping and probably not the doorbell either so I asked for the phone number of the towing company and was told that they didn't give out that information.  What?????  Anyway, by then I had a couple customers in the store so I tried calling home but got no answer.  I waited on customers and then the phone rang, twice, with AAA calling to verify something.  I told the guy to call back later as I was with customers.  The next phone call was the tow truck driver who said he was there to pick up the Uplander.  Well, I had the Uplander, it was the HHR on the street with the flat he was to pick up.  I told him where the keys were, stayed on the phone until he had said keys, and he said he'd be happy to take the car to Joe's without Durwood releasing the vehicle.  "AAA's like that," he said.  This morning Chad called to say that I'd picked up a lag bolt close to the rim and he wasn't able to fix it so I've got a new tire.  Merry Christmas to me!

It got windy last night.  So windy that when I went out to get the paper Fifi the Flamingo was laying propped on the living room window.  It looks like she wriggled the screw holding the support right out of the back of her.  I'll go out and take her down in later, or maybe I'll just let her lean until the wind dies down and then screw her back together.

Look!  There's hints of blue sky and sunshine out there today.  Not a lot but it's a big relief after endless days of gray and yesterday's all day rain.

I'm knitting on Sudoku Berry #7.  Only two more of these detested pink squares to knit once this one's done.  Maybe I'll just knock the last two out once this one's finished later, just so I can put the pink yarn away forever.  Pink, blech.

December 24--Nita Winter.  Caleb loved football.  He loved watching it on TV and in person, and he loved playing it the most.  Even though he was the littlest kid in the neighborhood if there were kids playing football he was right there too.  At first the older kids tried to send him away but he kept running up and down, tackling people twice his size, and trying to catch passes.  His mom got tired of taking the football out of his arms when she went in to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight.

Now it's time to walk over to Joe's to get my HHR.  Maybe the wind will be at my back and blow me right over there.  I can hope, can't I?  Merry Christmas Eve!

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