Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I Called It

Yesterday I said here that it'd probably be sunny today and tomorrow when I'm trapped inside at work all day.  At 7:00 I thought I'd been wrong, see?  But at 8:00 look what showed up.  It isn't going to be a clear blue sky all day with the sun pouring down its light and vitamin D but it'll be a damn sight better than the thick, unrelenting gray clouds we've had for days on end--or at least since Saturday afternoon.


Remember that I told you that the thyme's still alive?  Well, here's photographic proof.  Those are still green leaves on those tiny little woody stems.  I snipped a few on Sunday and put them, sticks and all, into the packet with the potatoes and onions to slap on the grill and they shared their flavor with all the food surrounding them.

I didn't knit yesterday.  We went to Sam's in the late morning and I did some Fleet Farm shopping in the afternoon.  We had a Papa Murphy's pizza for supper and in the evening I didn't do anything but the crossword puzzle.  Sometimes you just have to veg.  Right now I feel like I want to knit and sew ALL the things so it's probably better to keep my hands off for a day or two to save my future sanity...or what's left of it anyway.  That'll give me time to think about what I can feasibly do with the time and resources available to me.  Plus I have to gather the ingredients and muster the energy to make Party Mix and English Toffee--and put up the Christmas tree very soon.  No waiting for a Christmas-y snowfall or we might not have a tree.  I don't want to miss the wonder in a certain pair of blue-gray eyes.

December 9--Marla Murphy, Gardening.  Jane loved it when the sun had warmed the ground in spring enough for her to get out there to start the garden.  It felt so good to sink her hands in the soil as she planted the rows of peas, radishes, and onions.  Those tiny green shoots in their ragged rows were like a gift after the long, gray winter.  She patted the seeds and onion sets into place and sat back on her heels to see a chipmunk following behind her digging up each pea that she had just planted.

And don't think that didn't happen to yours truly.  I admit that the critter wasn't digging up the peas right on my heels but the next morning there was a row of regular holes where each pea seed had been excavated.  Grr.  Today I get to go to the back-cracker before work so I've gotta get shaking.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Yay for that hardy thyme! So many recipes call for that fresh ingredient and you have it right out your back door. Paul is out of town today and my computer won't connect to the internet! Grrrr!!! Why do things like that happen when he's gone? I can't figure out the problem so I'll have to soldier on using his. Thank goodness I know his password!!!