Sunday, December 27, 2015


I was surprised when I came up out of the basement last night to see snowflakes flying across the light from the office building behind us.  Real, live, winter snow.  In December.  Can you believe it?  My thyme in its patio pot is still green.  Maybe I ought to trim it today, bring it inside, and rescue it from the cold and SNOW.  I suspect that we're in for more since there's a red dot with an exclamation mark in it in the "weather" window of my Windows phone.  That usually means something interesting is going to happen.  Stay tuned.

I spent a lot of time slaving over the cutting table, sewing machine, and ironing board yesterday.  I decided to start with the microwave oven applique for LC's play kitchen which turned out to be a good idea since the placement of it will be easiest if the whole chair cover isn't assembled.  I went to all the fabric and craft stores looking for buttons or beads with numbers on them for the buttons to turn it on but ended up with self-stick ones, which in the long run I think will be better.  First thing today I'm going to cut out the back and seat pieces so that I put the microwave in the right spot, plus I'm going to sew on a piece of wide bias tape for the shelf it will sit on.  I've got about $25 sunk into it and will have parts left for other projects.  Not bad, I think.  I hope she likes it.  Thinking about making it for a couple weeks has definitely made the construction smoother.  Who knew that thinking could be so important?

One of LC's gifts was a kid-size Find It! game which she is enthralled with.  Find It! is a sealed tube filled with multi-colored plastic beads and tiny trinkets to be found.  We used to have one and it got shucked in a move or a clean out so I cruised the 'net to see about ordering one but ended up at The School House (my writer friend, CA, calls it "the teacher store," it's that and so much more) on my unsuccessful button search yesterday and the farm version just happened to be in their Closeout Room  Yay!  Durwood and I spent a good hour playing with it, shaking it to make hidden things rise, when we should have been making supper last night.  It's a whole lot of fun.

December 27--Scott Barrow, Inc., DS5-QP:0107.  Katy held the binoculars steady. The sun was low off to her left casting long shadows of the trees on the opposite slope.  They made it hard to see if anyone was down there.  She knew she was visible up there on the ridge but she needed to make sure Nelson wasn't on her trail.  She thought she had given him the slip in Buffalo but she had seen his stupid turquoise truck in the lot of the Cody Bar-B-Que Pit restaurant.  She hadn't stopped to make sure it was him but how many turquoise pickup trucks could there be in Wyoming?

Hey, the sun's out.  I have a couple errands to run, got a rebate to spend at Office Depot before the 31st.  May as well get out there when the sun's shining.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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