Monday, November 30, 2015

How Come When The DVD Player's Busted...

...all you want to do is watch movies?  The player isn't exactly busted, there's pictures and they move about, there's just no sound.  I thought I could tolerate watching the oceans without a soundtrack, turned out I couldn't.  The kicker is that it made sounds for the first few seconds, then it quit.  I looked at all the connections and found one audio one unplugged but plugging it back in didn't help.  I was frustrated all out of proportion with the problem and thought about going straight to Walmart to get a new one but I had laundry going, was making chicken rigatoni for supper, and wanted to knit, dammit.

I knitted a few rounds, six to be exact, but mostly I pouted in front of the computer playing games, listening to The Green Mile, and eating M&Ms.  So much for maturity.

I suspect that this tiny patch of blue sky and lone white cloud will be today's bright spot.  Right now it looks like about 3 PM out there.  The full-spectrum lights are going to get a workout today.

November 30--Noel Schwab.  Nina stood at the edge of the field.  The sun was setting behind her and the moon rode high in the east.  Scattered across the field were pumpkins tinted brilliant red-orange by the last of the sun's rays.  She thought of Linus from the Peanuts comic strip, how he waited for The Great Pumpkin, hoping his was the most sincere pumpkin patch and therefore worthy of gifts.  This seemed like a sincere patch to her and she hoped she could get across it in the dark without breaking an ankle.

That's it.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend, if not a great one, then a peaceful one.  Here it is, Monday again, and I'm off to get my paycheck-lite (I should get used to it since that's the way it'll be come January) and keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.  Adios.

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