Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunshine! Blue Sky!

Yeah, as soon as I typed that a thick blanket of clouds rolled in from the west and now it looks like rain.  Sheesh.  Give us a break already.  We need sunshine.  But it was clear and sunny until about 10:30 so I could look out on the sunny part of the day while I yog-ed.

I went out to top up the birdbath (now that the heater's in there it has to stay covered so it doesn't burn out) and saw this tiny little sprig of hope on the honeysuckle.  Ahh, there is life left in all the battening down for winter around here.

We had a few hardy trick-or-treaters yesterday afternoon, but there's plenty of Tootsie goodies left to apply to my hips and thighs but it'll be at a slower rate than if there was leftover chocolate.  Is there such a thing as leftover chocolate?  I don't think so either.

Once I had the owl hat done I finished Sudoku Berry #4 and spent the evening crocheting Sudoku Block #4 together, one of the panels twice because of course I had the slant of the bias going the wrong way.  See I'm turning the squares opposite ways so that there's no prevailing direction the entire throw will want to skew and, of course, despite making sure I had it right, I had it wrong.  No biggie, crocheting is easy to frog.  I'll weave in the tails later after I get back from rewriting my chapter and after the meatballs for supper are made, then I can cast on the three #5 squares, crochet that block together, and be over halfway.  Yay!  That berry/pink one slows me down every time, I'm just not a fan of pink so I push it aside for more appealing colors or projects.  I need to get over myself and get the darned things done.  It's time.

November 1--Don B. Stevenson, Fishing Couple.  "These people are not real fishermen," Bea said, frowning at the magazine ad.  Natalie glanced up from her e-reader.  "What do you mean, Gran?" she asked.  Bea clicked her tongue and flicked a finger at the middle-aged couple in full fishing regalia, poles rigged and lines out, reclining in the golden grass.  "They're dressed alike, for one thing.  Fishermen dress for the day, not for fashion."  Natalie shrugged.  "It's just an ad.  Who really cares?"  "Well, it's a lie," the older woman said.  "People will think that's what fishing is like and then be disappointed."  "Did you ever fish, Gran?" Natalie asked, flicking off her e-reader and tucking it into her backpack.  Just then their flight was called so they gathered up their bags and coats and got in line to board.  With all the hubbub of finding boarding passes and sets the question was forgotten.

Well, there's some sunshine coming back.  Looks like it'll be an in-and-out kind of day.  Now I'm going to put on outside clothes and go to a cafe and rewrite.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

Bad game for the Packers last night. I gave up on them at the half. Not much of a fan I guess. Fingers crossed for the Panthers tonight. Maybe one of my teams will get the win this week.