Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day...

I've got the Mamas & Papas stuck in my head for some reason.   Not the worst earworm, at least I know the words.  Decent harmony too.

I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 yesterday and it was pretty good.  I did buy Milk Duds which I am sure elevated the entertainment quotient a bit and the theater wasn't crowded even though I didn't catch that the football game start time moved from noon to 3:25 (why do they do that?) so I was home long before kickoff.  At least it wasn't a home game.

I tried to knit on Sudoku Snow #5 in the theater thinking that it'd be easy because the yarn is white but the movie was pretty dark so it was hard to see the knit-2-togethers plus the movie was exciting so I had to watch the screen instead of my knitting.  I pounded out a few rows after supper but didn't finish the square which I had hoped to do.  Oh well, I'll get it done sometime today.  What I did accomplish was putting together three "hat kits."  Karen over at Fringe Association instituted a Hat-along early this year, each one introducing a new, more complex technique.  I knitted the first one in September (way to jump in late, Barbara) and I have the fifth one On The Needles but for some reason I'm not enjoying #5 right now, so I thought it'd be a good idea to print off the three in-between patterns and dig out the yarn I had earmarked for them and maybe that will motivate me to finish #5 so I can do #s 2-4.  Maybe--or maybe not.  Who can tell?

Speaking of supper, I fired up the grill and made a NY Strip steak for us to split.  It was delicious and didn't survive to have its picture taken.  But look at what I saw when I went out to roll the grill back against the house--snowflakes.  Not very many but it's going to be cold enough today that they won't be melting anytime soon.

I really liked this morning's clouds.  I liked the peek of blue sky between rolls of clouds, they kind of reminded me of the wool they call roving when it's ready to be spun into yarn.

I'm at work and left my notebook at home so there'll be no little paragraph of prompt writing today.  Don't worry, that smidgen of random words will be back tomorrow.  Probably.  Ciao, babies!

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Aunt B said...

You are a nut to try to knit during a movie!! Especially an exciting one like Mockingjay!!
You'll ruin your eyes!!! All those knitted hats look so cute.