Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peachy Morning

In the sky, anyway.  I went out to top up the birdbath (so the heater doesn't get high and dry and burn out--they're too expensive to replace) and the sky was a festival of that indescribable peachy orange of sunrise.  While I was out there I filled all the feeders (yes, I had pants on) and basked in the pretty sky colors.  It's a darned good thing Mother Nature makes it so beautiful when the sun comes up or goes down because both the end of night (and sleep) and the end of the light can be kind of depressing.

We have a new temporary tenant.  The end of the warm weather is when all kinds of outdoor creatures hunt for a warm place to overwinter.  I discovered that a Daddy Longlegs has decided that our bathtub and a leg of Durwood's shower chair is the perfect winter lodging.  I'll be disabusing him/her of that decision momentarily.

We stopped in at the broker's office in the afternoon, had a piece of pie with a cup of coffee and a nice visit with other clients, the broker and met the new receptionist.  It was a pleasant little time and we came home with our own pumpkin pie.  This is just one of the things I dearly love about living in a city that's not too big to be friendly and a little bit folksy.

In knitting news, I went to knit yesterday evening with my first knitting friends after a couple year hiatus.  See, they switched to Tuesday night and that's been my day off so I couldn't just go straight from work like I used to be able to do when it was on Thursday night and it's ALL the way across town.  Maybe five whole miles.  But I was determined to go yesterday so I did, and I really enjoyed it, although KD and JD weren't there so I have to go back, probably next week.  I started and worked on Sudoku Violet #6 there even though I haven't assembled Sudoku Block #5 yet, that I'll do at Friday Night Knitting.  (Isn't it convenient to have so many knitting opportunities?)  Then after supper I started knitting a cuff-down training sock because I volunteered to teach the Guild sock knitting newbies in January, besides I wanted to try out the square needles I bought a while back.  Happily PH will be teaching it with me so we're getting together next week to plan our attack.  This pattern is the one DD used to teach me to knit socks so I say if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for the Guild.  Plus it makes a cute widdle sockie.  If I make two, I'll have a pair of booties.  Hmm, that's not a bad idea.

November 25--David Katzenstein, DS95-10.  His piercing brown eyes looked out at her from the poster.  She'd recognize those eyes anywhere.  The last time she had seen them was when he had his left hand around her throat pinning her to the brick wall in the alley behind the shut down Woolworth's while his right had fumbled at her clothes.  She had tried begging and pleading to be let go to no avail.  Finally she closed her eyes to try to remove herself from what was happening.  She felt his hot, dry hand on her bare flesh.  "Look at me," he said through gritted teeth, "look at me, I want to see you."  Now here were those same eyes staring at her from a poster in the church vestibule.  He would be the featured speaker at the youth conference next week.

Oh, look at the time.  I've gotta stop at Kwik Trip on my way to work.  Hasta la vista, babies.


Aunt B said...

The moon was beautiful here last night. An enormous globe shining through the bare branches of the trees next door. Pretty as a picture -- like one of yours! Off to the sunny south this morning. Looking forward to seeing the kids but, to tell you the truth, I'll be glad when it's over! What kind of mother/grandma am I???

Aunt B said...

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you sing the "A Turkey Slept on the Backyard Fence....." song!!