Sunday, November 22, 2015

In Which I Have a Fun Day

Yesterday I didn't blog.  I didn't do much beyond go places with friends and have fun.  An excellent day.

First I went downtown to the Holiday Parade.  My knitting pal, KW, drove her company's float so I had to go down to shout and wave.  That's what friends do.  It was fun to see the high school bands and the dancing school kids.  Lots of candy (probably leftover from Halloween) got tossed to the kids in the crowd and there was a kettle corn stand not too far away. Yeah, it was cold but I bundled up and toted Durwood's old plaid wool stadium blanket from his high school days to sit upon and I was fine.  I was a bit bummed that there wasn't a hot chocolate seller near where I was sitting but the parade was a blast.  Next year I'm taking a bag o'chair because getting up from sitting on the curb for over an hour was a trick.

After that I hurried home to warm up a bit before picking up another knitting pal, MW (no relation to KW), to go to a sale and open house at a knitting mill in Valders.  It's about an hour away so we chatted and laughed all the way down and back.  He bought a giant skein of some gorgeous yarn grown right there.  I bought two skeins of a more restrained size (and price) and a whole mitt full of buttons.  It was pretty much a button day.  I got polymer clay buttons, wood buttons, and (best of all) ceramic clay buttons with Native American symbols on them from a potter just up the road in Oneida.  And I didn't spend all of my mad money.  I even got home in time to snap a photo of the sunset.

After supper I went over to the theater and bought myself a ticket to see Mockingjay 2 during the Packer game.  I figure I won't be in a huge crowd then and I'll get to see the last Hunger Games movie.  I'd rather go with a friend but with all of the snow predictions for this weekend (and we didn't get a flake) plus her car's been unreliable we decided to cancel getting together and just go see the movie separately.  *sigh*  Once I had my ticket I slipped into Hancock Fabrics to nab a couple skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in colors I didn't have.  I am determined to knit a vest using that yarn so I need all the colors to plan how I'm going to do it.  (you notice how I used "need" to justify that little yarn purchase?)

November 22--Susan Lapides, DS-9.  Old Mrs. Feeny sat out on her porch most of every day.  She had her green-painted rocker situated so she didn't miss a thing in the neighborhood.  She saw the kids catch the school bus, saw the teens get picked up by friends, watched most of the adults go off to work.  For a while there wasn't much going on, that's when she'd read the paper and then write letters.

And now it's time to slap some photos on here and zoom off to see the movie.  Maybe I'll treat myself to some Milk Duds.  It's not really a movie without Milk Duds.


Aunt B said...

Well you had a great day what with a parade and shopping. Then your movie (and I hope the Milk Duds). Know you aren't all wound up about the Packers but they had a great day as well! Cold down here too; glad the snow missed you!

Aunt B said...
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