Saturday, November 28, 2015

Morning Moon

I like seeing the almost-full moon peeking through the branches of the maple tree on cold, clear mornings like today.  I'd like seeing the almost-full moon peeking through the fronds of a palm tree better but I don't live in palm tree-land so this is what is.  I even put on pants and zipped up my hoodie to go out to take the picture.  (aren't I getting mature and responsible? yes, I am, besides it was 27 degrees, I'm not going pantsless at that temperature, no sirree bob.)

I had a great lunch and an excellent visit at Pasquale's International Cafe in DePere with my friend, AT.  The special was pulled pork sliders with one side; I got sweet potato fries without salt.  I brought one slider and a few fries home for today's lunch.  Yum.

After lunch I went downtown to the Attic Books & Cafe to write for the afternoon.  I got one scene that's been bugging me beefed up and I tidied up the scuba dive scene.  I didn't get quite as much work done as I might have because the brother of an old friend was there so we had a lively and wide-ranging discussion.  That was okay, I need to talk about something other than yarn and LC every once in a while to keep my brain cells ticking over for another day or two.

I meant to crochet Sudoku Block #5 together at Friday Night Knitting but forgot to check the angle of the squares in the blocks above and beside it so that it doesn't pull out of whack so I worked on my Maze Dishcloth.  It's a bit too much counting for that kind of group knitting but I managed to only have to tink back part of one row.  The other project I had along requires even more concentration so this was the best choice.

It was supposed to be a knit-in-your-pajamas day but KW told me that ShopKo had a stepstool like I want for the kitchen on sale so I togged up and zoomed over there.  Isn't this cool?  They call it "retro" but I think when you've got a good design going why change it.  One of my grandmas had a gray one exactly like it that I remember sitting on as a child.  I'm sure LC will like the perch as well and the little pull-out steps will facilitate hand washing and other kitchen adventures.  Besides, it's red.

November 28--Jill Reger.  Grandpa Bob was always smiling.  Rain or shine, summer or winter, windy or so humid you felt like you could wring out the air, he smiled through it all.  Everybody in the neighborhood called him Grandpa Bob and they always smiled when they said his name.  "That Grandpa Bob, he's the happiest fella you ever saw," Charlie Rinker down at Davis Feed would say after Grandpa Bob had been in for fifty pounds of birdseed.  The organizers of the grade school carnival were always grateful when Grandpa Bob volunteered to sell tickets and man the popcorn booth.  He was what you call a mainstay of the community which is why it was such a shock when human bones turned up when a new power line needed to be laid across the back of his property.  Lots of bones.

Can you say creepy?  Can you tell I just finished listening to Stephen King's On Writing?  Time to go knit.

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