Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sunshine & Blue Skies

That's what we've got today.  Yesterday's wind blew itself out, leaving it's less crazy cousin, light breezes, behind.  It's still cold, don't get me wrong (see the frost on our roof?), I levered a crescent of ice out of the birdbath before refilling it, and parts of me got rather enthusiastically chilled when I was out filling feeders... but then I should have been wearing a coat--and pants.  Long pants, I mean, not yoga pants, even I'm not quite nuts enough to be out in 40 degree weather without pants.  Uh, not often anyway.

I knitted on Sudoku Berry#5 at knitting last night.  I realized how long it had been since I worked on it because I had to check on my Ravelry account to see how many stitches I needed to increase to before starting the decreases.  38, that's how many.  That also means I've been ignoring the Sudoku squares and I shouldn't, not if I want to get the thing done before the turn of the next century or even decade.  But putting the Knoxville hat in time-out let my brain find a solution to what had made me mad about it in the first place.  See, I like to make hats, well, anything tubular, using the Magic Loop technique and that worked fine for the brim but once I got to the body of the hat and the 20-stitch cable repeats Magic Loop just wasn't doing it for me.  So after I got home I dug out two sets of US6 DPNs, slipped 20 stitches on each one of six of them (starting at the beginning of the round, not just any random 20 stitches), and that solved the problem.  Now I have one repeat per needle so I can keep my place in the chart and on the hat.  I finished the second round, which is where I felt like things fell apart the other day, and did a third round before toddling off to bed.  I figure if the first and second rounds aren't exactly right, the third and future rounds will make up for it.  It's a hat, a black hat at that, so it's a good place to goof up.

November 14--Anne Geddes, EKC142T.  Lucy had a sunflower on her head.  Diane was not sure why but Lucy's smile told her that she thought she looked good.  "You have a sunflower on your head," Diane said.  "I know," said Lucy, reaching up to pat it.  Diane asked, "Why?"  Lucy leaned back to give her a look that said, you really don't know?  "Because it makes me look good and I left my tiara in my other jeans."

That's it for today.  I hope you're goofing off.  I plan to just as soon as I'm done here.  Or maybe I'll make some oatmeal cookies.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.

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Aunt B said...

Yesterday must have been cookie baking day. I made Chocolate Chunk Cookies (recipe courtesy of Ina Garten) and I hope you did make oatmeal ones. Also made a big pot of chili so dinner was all set. Bright and sunny down here and last night the sky was so clear. I tried to take a picture of the crescent moon but couldn't figure out how to do it. But I know you could have! I always love your sky pictures -- daytime or night.