Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Still A Little Life

It's terribly windy today but it isn't cold--yet.  That's supposed to arrive on Saturday.  Today we might hit 60 degrees but we'll probably have rain as a bonus.  Speaking of rain, my car needs an oil change so after running a late-afternoon errand my plan was to drop Beverly, the HHR, at Joe's Autos a couple blocks away and just walk home.  It isn't far, I can see the bank from both Joe's and my patio door so you know it isn't more than a block farther, a long block, but a block.  If I cut through the parking lots of the buildings behind us it's just a hop, skip, and a jump home.  Except when it's raining.  It had been pouring rain but when I stopped at Joe's it was barely sprinkling, more raindrops riding the wind than active rain.  Naturally Joe had people looking at a street rod-looking vehicle in the showroom so I couldn't get a ride home, so I walked.  I didn't get too wet but my hair was all curly and wavy.  Why isn't it all curly and cute all the time?!?

When I went out to try to take a picture of the wind (and didn't do too badly, if I do say so myself) I also saw this little honeysuckle blossom cluster hanging on.  We've only had a frost a few nights and it's in the middle 50s right now.  I also noticed that volunteer tree/shrub thing growing between the retaining wall and fence still has most of its leaves.  What's up with that?

LC loved her birdfeeder mittens when I showed them to her.  I'm making her an owl hat to coordinate.  I thought I was making the top of the hat in a honey toast solid color yarn but then I found this deep, dark purple that almost matches the purple in the variegated perfectly. Who says owls can't be purple?

November 18--Tom Arma.  Marcy stepped back to look at Edwin.  This was his second Halloween but the first time he'd been old enough to dress up.  Last year she zipped him into a puppy sleeper with ears on the hood.  This year she went all out with a costume perfect for his personality.  He was a baby rhino, horn and all.  Not that Edwin was an aggressive child... well, he did kind of roar when he didn't get his way.

Now it's time to go get my skeleton rearranged.  Out into the wind!  But no rain, at least not yet.

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Aunt B said...

You did do well with that picture of the wind. It's blowing like mad down here too. Guess we're both in for a drop in the temperature. Oh well, it IS only a week until Thanksgiving. That's the day we set off for Florida and "the wedding". I know it's going to be a circus.