Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Last Warm Day...

The weather guy said that last night.   Kind of like a curse, isn't it?  "This is our last warm day."  He didn't say "ever" but you could hear it in his voice. Cue music of doom.  It's supposed to be about 68 today but cloudy.  That's okay.  We've got lots of "daylight" lamps to keep our spirits lifted so we'll be just fine, thank you very much.

Mrs. Boss reminded me yesterday that "we" hadn't changed the rental gear rates to reflect the fact that the half-percent Packer tax had expired October 1.  She likes to have the rates work out to a round number so I spent the day figuring and refiguring the odd numbers so that an airfill is still $6 (with tax included), a tank rents for $5, a wetsuit for $15, etc.  Then, of course, I had to change all the numbers in the computer for from one to fourteen days' rental, first reading the how-tos and remembering how to do that.  I'm very proud that I didn't have to call tech services. Thank god for taking good notes.  I'm not much of a numbers girl so it took me most of the day to accomplish the job.  I did get the Sudoku Block #4's tails woven in and after I got home I got three more snowballs crocheted using the not-quite-white yarn I dug out of the deep stash.

These warm days have let the last two of Dad's roses bloom.  I was afraid that the buds would stay tightly closed and freeze but they haven't.  Whew.  I do suspect that these are the very last roses, to go with the very last warm day.

I switched a couple of the birdfeeders around so the peanut wreath was closer to the house to make for easier bird viewing but forgot that the squirrels have an easier time of accessing it there.  They hop up onto the birdbath, leap to the top of the suet feeder, then to the top of the crook with the wreath, and hang upside down to knock out two peanuts before grabbing one and dropping to the ground to pick up one more and scamper off.  Since the squirrels have no qualms about chasing off the birds, I switched the feeders back so there aren't stepping stones for them.  Damn tree rats.  November is bulk seed sale month at the birdseed store so I'll be stocking up for winter this weekend.

November 5--Kevin Harris, ds96-0009.  Everyone thought they were twins but they weren't even really sisters.  Lisa's mom married Sara's dad three years ago when they were five so they were stepsisters.  "But not evil," Sara said.  "Not usually, anyway," was Lisa's retort.  Since they were both blue-eyed brunettes they looked a lot alike and being only four months apart in age it was just easier to say, "Yes, we're twins." and then giggle.

Well, that's silly but that's what there was in the old brain pan last night.  Leftovers pure and simple, and not very appetizing ones at that.  Gotta shower and drag my carcass off to work.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

Your afghan block does look very neat and tidy with the tails all woven in. Maybe you'll love it after all. And the snowballs are cute. Who knew you could knit a snowball??? You're a girl of many talents!