Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Girl Needs Birdfeeder Mittens

The last time LC was here she tried to put on the old gloves I keep by the patio doors so my hands don't freeze in the winter but they're way too big for her.  So I decided she needed birdfeeder mittens.  Since her hands are teeny-tiny the knitting was fast.  And there might be enough yarn for a matching owl hat.

On the Fringe Association blog there's been a knit-along involving a Cowichan-style vest but I don't think I want to do all that colorwork.  Since the pattern calls for bulky yarn I was thinking I'd knit it using a dark-to-light selection of Lion Brand Fisherman's wool.  For some reason I've always been a big fan of this yarn and the colors.  Now I just have to do some swatching and figure out how many stitches I need to make my size and I'm off--once I finish the Sudoku afghan, of course.  Maybe it'll be ready for next winter.  Although I did find a skein of the darkest one with the white in it called Maple Tweed at Goodwill for three bucks last week so I won't have to buy as much yarn even though they're 8 oz. skeins.  That's a lot of yarn for a good price.

It's a gray and rain-ish and darned windy today so there will be no pictures.

November 17--Kathleen Francour, 15-X22.  Lara knew she would never fall asleep.  She felt like there were ants in her bed because tomorrow was Christmas and she was excited to see what Santa brought.  Mom had said that maybe Santa would have to skip them this year but Lara had gone to see Santa at the mall with Katie and Katie's mom and she had a long talk with Santa.  One of the elves had even written things down so he wouldn't forget.  Santa was kind of old.

It's dreary and rainy.  I think I'm going to go snuggle up on the couch and pout.

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Aunt B said...

Uh, oh. You better not pout! Santa might forget about you too this year!!! Love those tiny mittens. And she'll need them if the weather reports about your part of the world are right.