Friday, November 6, 2015

Wanna Buy A Treadmill?

I've finally gotten completely tired of dodging by the treadmill in the living room.  There's no room for it anywhere else in the house and I'm doing daily yoga which stretches and strengthens all of me and I figure that the treadmill only works my lower half.  The treadmill's got to go.  I'll be putting it on craigslist later today but I thought I'd put it on here too, just in case.  It's a Gold's Gym Maxx Crosswalk 650 in good shape and I have the manual.  I'm asking $225 but am willing to negotiate.

I got the ribbing of the Knoxville Seathwaite hat cast on and knitted on at work yesterday.  As you can see it's dark yarn, almost black, so it's a challenge to knit on, especially at night.  Luckily there are some nice bright lights over the desk so I didn't go blind. (the pink stuff is the provisional cast-on, it'll get pulled out in about 4" and joined to make a double edge)

After work I met some knitting pals at Subway to knit and since I went right from work I bought a sub for supper.  But look what else I got.  It's a Millennium Falcon blueprint lunch bag!  So cool.  It even has a real light saber inside.  Okay, it's a single-use chemical lightstick but it's a light saber and I've got one.  Sitting in a dim restaurant knitting isn't the place to knit on black yarn so I cast on Sudoku Violet #5 and got about halfway.

November 6--Eric L. Klein.  Her smile was like the rising sun bringing life to the day.  Dane marveled when Rachel told him she loved him, and it seemed like she meant it.  He had married up; he never doubted it.  She was smarter than he was, had a better job, and people went out of their way to be around her.  He figured their friends tolerated him just to spend time with her.

It's a whole lot chillier and windier today than it was earlier in the week.  I'm off to the birdseed store, the grocery for chili makings, and to the cafe to write (really write, from scratch) this week's chapter.  Wish me luck.

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Aunt B said...

We too had a treadmill once upon a time. But it resided in the garage. Then even that spot didn't work. Those things just take up too much room so I hope it becomes someone else's space grabber soon. It's like summertime down here. Supposed to be in the eighties today. Guess it's summer's last gasp!