Friday, November 20, 2015

Paula Says I Have Muscle Tone!

Muscle tone.  I haven't had that in years.  See?  I knew doing that bit of yoga every day was a good idea.  And I have such a lovely view out the patio doors.  The sky is blue with puffy white clouds this morning and would be perfect except for the ice on the birdbath.  The wind hasn't diminished much but it looks like the street sweeper came by yesterday so maybe I don't have to wash the broken glass off the street this morning, but I'll still make sure.  I do not need to buy new tires.

I finished Hoot Hat #2 yesterday--but I think I might need to change the eye buttons.  I think it looks a little creepy and "owl of the damned" with the green ones.  I've got black, navy, and orange buttons already but Michaels has the little plastic bottles of buttons on sale for fifty cents and I think they've got some turquoise ones, those might be best, so I'll swing by today and nab some.

I worked on Sudoku Snow #5 last night.  If I get it finished today, I can crochet together Block #5 and be more than halfway through.  I have got to quit getting distracted by other shiny things and finish this.  I should probably tack the word "eventually" to the end of that sentence because I have no power to resist other shiny things.

And speaking of "shiny" I've been watching episodes of the late, lamented, cancelled sci-fi series, Firefly on Netflix.  It was a show before it's time.  Every time I'm flipping channels and run across an episode of Castle I think, "that's Captain Reynolds, not Castle", and keep flipping.

November 20--Eric Futran.  Isiah told stories.  From the time he could make sounds he'd sit on the stoop and tell stories.  At first they were more inflection than vocabulary  You know, like watching a foreign film without subtitles, you kind of get the gist of the story by the tone of the voices and the body language.  When Isiah had more words at his disposal he was unstoppable.  Everything he saw he would incorporate into his tales weaving fact and fiction, fantasy and reality.

Time to make a grocery run but first check for broken glass.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

One week from today is "the" wedding. Can't wait to see everyone in Florida and fingers crossed the big moment goes off without a hitch.