Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today the Knitters Party!

At least the ones belonging to Bay Lakes Knitting Guild do.  It's our holiday potluck and dishcloth exchange.  I crocheted a big shower puff for my exchange cloth and made a vat of pimento cheese to make sandwiches for my potluck dish-to-pass.  DIL2's bridesmaid Rosanna made some pimento cheese sandwiches that she brought to feed the pre-wedding hungries and I managed to nab half of one (even though Mom and Durwood took really big bites when I shared and Mom almost didn't give the measly remains back, but I'm not resentful, no, I'm not, not me).  It was delicious.  I'd never had pimento cheese and loved it.  DD wheedled the recipe out of her and I finally made some.  (I didn't make it before because I knew I'd eat it ALL if I did)  I asked Durwood to pick me up a loaf of French or Italian bread instead of just a plain old white sandwich loaf so the sandwiches will be a little more fancy.  (oh yeah, pimento cheese on Italian bread is SO fancy)  I figure it'll be something that most of these Northern women (and one lone man, another one came once but never came back, so far anyway, maybe tonight when there's food) have never had.  It'll be a hit.  I'm taking all the parts and assembling them at work so the bread's not disgusting later.  Since my sewing machine didn't attract customers the way I'd wanted it to... and I finished all my projects as far as I can on that machine anyway... I brought it home last night.  I don't know what I'll do today once I get the university guy to open the grade roster for one of JJ's  scuba classes.  I've been trying for two days to get in touch with the guy, left messages, and today it's my sole goal to get him to talk to me and help me.  My ace in the hole is BD who works in the Admissions Office out there so she can threaten him in person if I need her to.  Or at least go to his office and look mean at him for me.  Or I can call DS in the Athletic Office who saves my bacon when I goof up and let his password expire because the IT guys can't fix it without JJ going there to testify that I'm not trying to steal his identity or change my grade.  See?  I have more than one way to skin that particular cat.  JJ and I were talking yesterday and agreed that younger people today, at least the ones we see day to day, aren't very good at thinking outside the box.  I have a bajillion theories why that is (bad parenting, too many electronic babysitters, too many video games & TV...) but it kind of makes me nervous that they're going to be in charge when I'm old and need someone caring for me.  I know that DS, DD, DIL1 and DIL2 are all good, creative people able to look at a problem from all sides and figure things out.  I'll just hang around them when I'm old and feeble. Man, I felt like a feeb last night at yoga; every pose made some tight muscle complain or sent hot shooting pains through my fingers.  That's not good.  Everything I do--typing, writing, sewing, knitting--uses basically the same pose, sitting with my elbows bent and my wrists and fingers moving, and I think my upper back is in revolt.  I need to concentrate on sitting upright (spine straight, shoulders out of my ears and level, chin slightly tucked) and spend a little more time on the floor with a prop across my bra back area to stretch my back the other way.  Hey, I don't have customers, who'll see me?  (doing that might bring them in... hmm)  Today's Photo a Day theme is "lights" so here's the lights on our Christmas tree, but because I seem to be addicted to pictures of the dawn sky, here's today's entry into my seemingly-endless fascination with the sky.

December 13--Claude Monet, Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies.  I remember that midsummer day there by the pond.  The garden was a cacophony of birds and bees.  The colors of the flowers were a riot all their own.  Jacob and I were spending a week in the country, not at his mother's for once, and the weather was just perfect, hot and breezy and cool at night.  We must have walked miles every day, into the village for cheese, bread, and vegetables for lunch, and out along the lanes past the farms and orchards.  It was like living a dream.  I especially remember that lily pond.  There was a perfectly arched bridge over it that was painted green.  The trees and bushes were each their own shade of green, even the dragonflies were like sparkling green fairies flitting in the midday sun.

The @%#$& cursor keeps hopping around, well, it keeps hopping to where I've put the pointer, I should probably take it into the fixit shop again, shouldn't i?  Maybe I'll call to see how busy they are right now and drop it off on my way to work on Monday.  I think I'll do that.  I'm off.



David said...

Abby had the brilliant idea last summer to put pimento cheese on a hamburger. It was one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had!

Aunt B said...

Can't imagine you not having pimento cheese at some point in your childhood -- growing up in Wisconsin!!! Cheese capitol of the world! It's a biggie down here in the Tarheel State.