Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Snow Was Worth It

My writing pal, Lala, came to stay for the night and we went out to the botanical garden to visit the Festival of Lights.  I splurged on wagon ride tickets too, which was a good thing to do but a not so good platform for night digital photography.  That meant that after our ride we walked the same trail (what a pity) and then went through the caterpillar and around the upper garden displays.  It was a cold, clear night with a half-moon, a light wind, and lots of happy people tromping around in the dark.  I think the most surprising display, tucked in a dark spot off the main path up near the herb garden, was a planter with a ball of lights no bigger than a basketball hanging under an arch that had 2 cylinder things on it.  I couldn't imagine what those cylinders were, they looked like lights but obviously weren't.  Lala very cleverly bent down to look closer and discovered the viewing lens.  "Babbums, it's a kaleidoscope!" she said and we were hooked.  I even managed to take a picture of the view.  Whee!  Inside there was a real Santa (hey, he looked like the real deal to me) and a model train display.  It was so much fun; the place was crowded with people of all ages all bundled up and smiling.  Too rare in this day and age.  I'm putting on lots of pix and I didn't write again last night.  Hey, we had company and stayed up too late.  Time to think about wrapping a few gifts.  Or maybe take a nap.

--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for all the great pictures. It was like being there -- without freezing!!! Love the one of you and your friend surrounded by lights. And, of course, the kaleidoscope! Well done!!!