Friday, December 14, 2012

Something Green (that's today's Photo a Day theme)

Finding something green in Green Bay (ha!) in December could be considered a tall order, but the lush bay laurel plant nestled next to the rocker in the living room caught my eye.  That's where bay leaves come from, you know, so when Durwood's recipe calls for one he just toddles into the living room (or out to the edge of the garden if it's summer) and plucks one.  Handy, and not one of those scary dessicated ones trapped in jars in the grocery.  Also my dishcloth swap dishcloth is green.  Soft too.  Thanks to L who made it and had it in a cute little gift bag so it was like a real present.  She and her friend, P, were the only ones who took the time to wrap theirs; it added an extra element of mystery to the swap.  The way it works is one of the members reads "A Visit From The Knitting Fairy," a take-off on the Clement Moore poem, and every time she says "the" we pass the cloth to the right.  I ended up with this pretty GREEN one.  It was a fun evening.  Today I'm planning (hoping) to go downstairs to finish the secret sewing while flinging the laundry around (actually just putting it into the washer and then dryer but you know I like to exaggerate).  I'm hoping to finish up the sewing so that I can relax and plan the cookies, etc. I want to make.  There were a couple cookie recipes in last month's Southern Living that are going to get a tryout, and I think Durwood picked out one or two he'd like to make, or maybe he said ALL of them, I forget.  There will be English Toffee (never fear), Chex Party Mix too, although the Pooping Dog Spritz might get skipped this year in favor of trying a few new cookies, unless there's a hue and cry... any objections from the peanut gallery?  I'm definitely taking my laptop into the fixit shop on Monday.  I called and "my" tech is blocking out some time to dedicate to the Kumquat so she's all clean and sparkly for Christmas too.  It sure pays to search out and develop a relationship with local service people.  Hmm, maybe I'll crank out some goodies (I found a snack mix recipe I'd like to try) and take in a tin with the laptop.  I could go to Goodwill (since I'm going there tonight to knit anyway) for a tin or two if I tossed the ones that used to live downstairs... I'll go look.  But not right now, when I go down to sew/do laundry.  Oh, and it only took three phone calls to the UWGB Registrar computer fixit guy to get access to JJ's grade rosters so I can do that on Monday when he gets the grades to me.  THREE!  But he finally figured out the snafu and took care of it.  Thanks for being persistent, Carl, whoever you are.

December 14--Kaigetsudo Dohan, Beautiful Woman.  He watched her.  Watched the way she sat at her dressing table brushing her hair.  She was so graceful, her small hands like butterflies fluttering over her black tresses.  He imagined the brush in his hand, how he would draw it gently through the silken strands.  From his height he would see her delicate profile, her lashes lowered with her pleasure at his attention.  She would lean into him, relishing his strong muscles, knowing that he would protect her, love her.  He yearned to catch her eye, to walk near enough to inhale her perfume, to feel her tremble beneath him in the enveloping night.  He watched her.  Until he made his move, she never knew that he did.

Well, that's creepy.  Maybe I watch too much Criminal Minds.  Yeah, that's probably it.  Enjoy your day.  The sun's out here so at least I'll stay awake all day.  See ya!

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Aunt B said...

Beautiful bay plant! I envy you having that thing indoors in the winter and outside in the summertime. So pretty. I made the toffee yesterday to take as a little hostess gift when I had lunch/bridge at a friend's beautifully Christmas decorated home. That recipe is so easy and it turned out perfectly this year.