Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Actually Finished Something I Can Show You

Two things even.  I went over to Skully's for coffee this morning because all of the trails are icy from last weekend's snow and the one that's usually snow-free in winter evidently doesn't have enough salt or salt slurry on it yet to help it clear off.  So I went over and she made some Kona coffee (it was yummy) and we knitted and yakked.  While I was there I finished the first skein of yarn of the Soft & Snuggly scarf/shawl-ish thingy and after consulting with her decided to bind off and sew the ends together to make a nice cowl.  She suggested that I give one end a twist to make it a mobius, I did, and I like it very much.  I will be snuggled down in it on my way to work tomorrow and to yoga after work.  And I have another skein to make another one someday sooner or later.  The yarn is Universal Yarns Classic Shades Big Time in Sapphires and the pattern is Winter Warmer, a freebie on Ravelry.

I also finished the blackblackblack Boystown Beanie chemo hat.  That darned yarn is so black I can barely knit it during the day and not at all at night so it's taken a month of Sundays to finish.  Also I am dead slow, almost dead stop as a knitter.  I think I'm going to stick to crocheting chemo hats from now on.  At the rate I knit all cancer will be cured by the time I get my speed up to one hat a week, let alone one hat a day like Andy from Knitting Guild.  In the hat-making arena I'm better, faster with a hook as a weapon.

Once again on New Year's Day I'm planning to list each project I have On The Needles and resolve to finish one of them per month until I am CAUGHT UP or run out of year.  It's kind of a companion resolution to the "yarn diet" I try to keep to each year.  I don't totally succeed at that one either but it does make me stop and think before I pile my cart or car full of yarn when the fever hits.  I resolved the finishing projects thing last January, or maybe it was the January before I can't remember, made it only a few weeks before it went by the wayside.  I'll try to do better.

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