Sunday, December 2, 2012

Some Things Deserve Being Noted

I spent most of the day today relighting the plywood cutout of Fifi the Flamingo that's our Christmas lawn decoration.  I bought some pink LED lights at Target yesterday and since it was warm-ish today I moved Durwood's van out of the garage, swept up, and then got to work.  I removed the old lights and pried out all the staples, then I got her settled firmly in the front yard, and set a timer so the lights go on at dark and off at bedtime.  I'm glad I took the time this year.

And so, in honor of Fifi's relighting and reappearance in the Christmas yard (and at Lala's suggestion) I knit in a bit of flamingo pink yarn in today's Maple Tree Scarf.  Do you realize that this is week #49 of 2012?  Can you believe that the year has gone by so quickly?  I can't.  However I am totally ready for this scarf to be finished.  I will not be undertaking another 2-rows-of-garter-stitch-a-day project anytime soon.

I was in JoAnn Fabrics yesterday with 2-50% off coupons set to expire.  I found a skein of Patons Wool in Chestnut Tweed that I just liked the color of, but the best finds are these sewing project books.  I look at those books every time I'm in the store and usually find nothing either knitty or sewy that I want to take home.  Yesterday there were TWO!  It annoys the crap outta me that JoAnn's has no idea what books they have in their store.  Evidently they get a carton of random books that they just slap onto the shelves willy-nilly.  Man, if I worked there I'd make a list and keep track.  It'd drive me freakin' nuts.

And after supper I got another crocheted he-man chemo hat started.


Ann said...

Hancock's is the same--they just send us a box. I do try to keep them organized by topic, but they're hard to keep up with.

vjicha said...

I love your scarf and think I might do something like that in 2013. A really great idea, although I can see how one might tire of it before the year is over.