Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Go make stuff, Barbara, go, go, go!  I got the party mix made last night, I even followed DS's idea of making extra goop to put on it so it smelled extra Worcestershire sauce-y when we went to bed last night.  It was hard to fall asleep.  I sorted through all the recipes after supper, while waiting to stir the cereals every 15 minutes for 2 hours, and came to the decision to only make one different cookie and MAYBE the popcorn caramel snack mix recipe that one of the knitters brought to the party last Thursday that was very yummy, sweet and salty at the same time.  I like sweet and salty together, don't you?  Anyway, I realized that I'm not superwoman (there's a shock, eh?) and 3 recipes are plenty to make in one day, and preserve a tiny bit of sanity.  I have a grocery list as long as 2 arms to go get before I plunge in (gotta cash my paycheck on the way so I don't have to try to abscond with the groceries--that would be bad and then Santa wouldn't come or would only bring coal for my stocking) and I want to make a start on clearing off the piles of crap that seem to grow all on their own on the extra kitchen chairs and the parts of the table we don't need for crossword puzzle-ing and supper eating.  Also Durwood needs to make a start on widening the path into "his" room and to "his" bed so that Lala on Friday and then DD & DIL2 the following Friday can make it into there.  Ooh, "snow is likely" tomorrow night and on Thursday.  "Six to ten inches in our area" is what Pete Petoniak said, and Pete can be trusted.  He's very geeky and not nearly pretty enough to be untrustworthy even for a weatherman.  I like Pete, he's got a son named Hank and Dad's name was Hank, so Pete must be a good guy, right?  Right.  I have to say I really like the keyboard of Durwood's old desktop computer, the keys are nice and springy, but it's pokey and not as zippy as my laptop, but I can deal, I'm a modern woman.  (*snort*  Yeah, Miss Resistant To Change, you're modern.)

December 18--Charles Demuth, The Figure 5 in Gold.

I love the golden 5 
racing toward me on the page,
ghost 5s trailing.
The fire engine red
steel and coal black
of progress power
the 5 into the future.
Steam power &
internal combustion
hurtling society
to the precipice
of Depression,
bright 5 leading the way
siren wailing,
bells a-clang.

I love that painting, I don't know why.  Usually I'm peeved when I recognize one that's been in the mix before but I was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, to see this one come up again.  I've even printed it off and tacked it to the bulletin board over my desk.  William Carlos Williams, the pediatrician poet, wrote a poem about a fire engine that passed him on a rainy day.  Charles Demuth read the poem, was inspired, and painted his interpretation of the poem.  I saw the painting and was moved to write a poem.  It's the circle of life, man, the circle of life.  Okay, here I go to eat a bit of pumpkin flax granola topped with Greek yogurt, a bit of honey, prunes (for regularity you know) and a banana.  I start each day in a healthy way and usually veer off into the weeds shortly after.  *sigh*  I am such a trial to myself.  But I endure.  Stop by later for a cookie if you're in the neighborhood.  Oh, today's Photo a Day theme is "makes you feel merry" so I took a picture of my hand dipping into the giant bowl of cooled party mix but the dinosaur desktop here won't read the SD card.  You'll just have to imagine it.  Here's a "merry" oldie and more this year's tree.  Toodle-oo.

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