Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Can't Believe It...

...but as of today Durwood and I have been married for 36 years.  Thirty-six years, people, that's amazing.  Also a long time.  We exchanged cards this morning and will be going out to supper to the Prime Quarter tonight.  I borrowed Porter, met my friend Skully and her dog Maggie, and we went walking after a too long hiatus.  I don't know what happened to us but we stopped going early in the summer and just never started back up, and I'm determined to get back to the pavement.  Porter was surely happy to see me although she did wish we were running instead of walking and she wasn't thrilled to be wearing the bridle that keeps her from pulling my back out of whack but she survived and ran around like a crazy dog once we got back into her backyard.  It was a perfectly cool and sunny day for a walk, a great day to get back on the industrial part of the Baird Creek trail.  Yesterday it was deader than a doornail at work, I had only one customer and she only returned a broken item to exchange for one that wasn't broken so it didn't even make a blip on the computer.  *sigh*  I listened to my iPod so long throughout the day that it wouldn't turn on when I wanted to listen on the drive home, and when I plugged it in to recharge the little Apple logo appeared.  That never happens unless I turn it off with the switch.  I did get all of the rest of the secret sewing cut out so later I can go downstairs and sew like the wind.  (yeah, that'll happen, I do hardly anything "like the wind")  I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics on my way home to buy a jingle bells wreath that I saw last weekend.  It was marked 60% off which put it into my price range.  Of course I also found ornaments that I needed to buy, one of them is of an Uncle Sam Santa looming over Mt. Rushmore.  That one I had to buy because I looked in the Mt. Rushmore gift shop and the ornaments there were pitiful, cheap looking and lame.  They were just as bad at Yellowstone so if anyone finds a bison or elk ornament, let me know.  Hmm, maybe I'll lure Durwood out to go to Sam's and then detour over to Taylor Creek, they have unusual ornaments.  Yeah, that's a good idea; just let me go and set the hook...  Victory!  I'll be wrapping this up while he finishes his tomato soup and gets dressed.  I'm so persuasive I amaze even myself.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "black and white" so I took a picture of our wedding rings this morning and sucked all the color out.  Aw. (geez, our hands look old)

December 4--Mexico, Mayan, Double Whistle.  "To call worshipers to the ceremony, a priest or an acolyte blew a series of notes on this pipe," the museum guide said.  Marjorie was tired of trailing around in museums listening to one overly enthusiastic guide after another.  She wanted to live in the culture not observe it preserved in glass cases and dusty galleries.  The sun nearly blinded her when she stepped through the museo doors.  She blinked to clear her vision and was amazed to recognize features of the ancient Mayans on the faces of the people in the stalls and market.  Marjorie turned right when the rest of the group turned left to see if she could find a bit of living culture on her own.

I predict that her adventure is just about to begin.  I'm off to find some lunch... pb&j anyone?  That sounds about right.  It just occurred to me that I'm eating kid food most of the time, Cheerios for breakfast and pb&j for lunch, except I have soup at work.  I could have soup, there's some in the fridge.  Yeah, I feel like soup.  See ya.
--Barbara Sue, the old married lady

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Aunt B said...

Congratulations on 36 years of wedded bliss! You two are certainly a shining example of "happily married" for your kids to emulate. Love you.