Friday, December 21, 2012

Dodged The Worst Of It

We only got 7.7" of snow from snowstorm Draco/Brianna.  Darn.  Barely half of what they threatened... uh, predicted for us.  The good part was that driving home after work last night wasn't too bad.  Everyone was taking it pretty easy and since a lot of people were smart and stayed home there were a lot fewer cars to dodge so I got home without playing bumper cars with anyone or even coming close.  It stayed close to freezing, warm for this time of year, and that kept the snow total down and kept the roads passable.  I had one customer-like visitor just as I heated up my lunch soup (of course).  It was a "regular" looking for fins that will fit over his drysuit boots.  We talked about which ones have the roomiest foot pocket and debated the merits of split vs. paddle fins but he didn't buy anything.  It was a thrilling moment in an otherwise dull day.  The mail carrier lady looked like a drowned Yorkie and the FedEx man was laconic and actually chatty.  I was riveted to the Old Faithful Cam on the web most of the day while I tag-teamed the 2 knitting projects I had with me.  (I do better if I have two projects I can shift back and forth on than if I have one to concentrate on.  ADD, I'm sure... oh look, a chicken!  *drops her knitting and wanders off*)  For a time there was a small herd of bison grazing in sight of the cam and there are bundled up people that walk by.  Wonder what it'd be like to spend Christmas in Yellowstone.  You know that Mike closes the roads, right?  So the only way in is by snowmobile or snow coach.  I suppose you could ski or snowshoe in too.  Snowshoes!  I need to go to knitting tonight to see if I can't make a date with Kathy to go snowshoeing one day soon.  I'm probably so out of shape I can only go 50 feet but I still want to get out there and clomp around.  Stupid sore throat has migrated to my ears this morning.  I've got Zicam and lozenges and chicken soup for lunch and I'm trying to drink lots of fluids.  A good tromp around the botanical garden tonight may be just the medicine I need to fend these germs off.  Germs, virus, whatever, I just want them gone.  Durwood has an appointment with the peepee doctor this morning and I am certain that he is not looking forward to having to go out in the cold and snow but we'll go, it'll be fine.  He can complain through it.  I can endure.  And then Lala will come in the afternoon and we'll go to see the Festival of Lights at the botanical garden after supper.  Yay!  I'll take lots of pretty pictures to show you.  Cross my heart.  I didn't write last night.  I was tired and this cold's getting me down.  I was surprised to see when I put the shade up earlier that someone shoveled us out before I woke up this morning.  Thanks, whoever did it, probably LJ.  I need to take a shower and do all that other morning stuff.  I don't wanna but I'm gonna.  If Draco/Brianna has come to visit you, stay safe, drive slowly, and watch the geyser cam.  Oh, and eat Christmas goodies--isn't there a law about that this close to the day?  I'm sure there is.

--Barbara Sue

P.S.  Happy Solstice... and I'm glad that the Mayans were wrong.  Still here!

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Aunt B said...

Glad to read the snow wasn't as bad as it could have been -- and that you can still get around. Can't wait to see pix of the Festival of Lights. Have fun -- stay warm -- and get rid of that scratchy throat!!!