Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling Better

Whew.  I'm still a little stuffy but nothing like I was a few days ago.  Even my cough has scaled way back.  *knock wood*  Evidently I snored like a buzzsaw last night (sorry, Durwood) and I was even wearing a Breathe Right so I can't do anything more about that.  Today I'll move Durwood's oxygen machine into our bedroom so that DD & DIL2 can have peace in the second bedroom so maybe it'll act like white noise and cancel out my snores.  I hope so.  On my way home from work last night I stopped at DS & DIL1's to see if Henny & Penny had laid any eggs.  They had.  Naturally I don't carry an egg carton with me so I slipped one egg into each of my spare gloves and brought them home just fine.  The brown one's from Penny.  I like the speckledy brown ones, they seem so homey.  I actually sold things yesterday!  Real pricey things like fins and cameras.  CAMERAS!!!  For at least a month we've had this next-to-newest-version digital underwater camera on the counter with an outrageously low price and, while people have looked at it, no one's bought one, not even for a Christmas gift.  Yesterday I sold one to a woman in Arizona over the phone (she's from here and going with Mrs. Boss to Roatan in January) and the other one to a guy who came in for an airfill.  Two in one day.  I don't think Mrs. Boss believed me when I said he was coming back with his credit card but he did and I sold it to him and he went away with it.  Another guy came in around noon to pick up 3 pairs of fins and 3 masks to demo in the pool and return today, so it seemed like I'd sold a big bunch of stuff but I didn't. (I don't get commission so it doesn't matter who sells things, I just hope to put my weekly salary into the till each day I work to kind of earn my keep, most of the time I can't see why they keep me except for convenience)  The camera & fins sales helped balance that empty feeling.  Mr. & Mrs. Boss came in for longer than seemed necessary.  She can't seem to just pop in, do whatever she means to do, and then pop out.  It's always at least an hour, usually more, yesterday was nearly 2 hours (or maybe it just felt that long), and then they bicker about things, mostly how long she's staying.  I try to stay out of the way but it's a small store so I end up leaning on the counter or sitting in back trying to be invisible.  It's snowing, just barely, but it's snowing and the girls are driving home today.  I know DD is experienced driving in snow but you can't rely on other drivers to be sensible.  I'm glad they'll be here for about 5 days.  It's not long enough but it's what they can manage and we're glad to have them.  Durwood's happily planning yummy meals and I'm, well, I'll change the sheets and tidy up a bit, but mostly I still feel kind of vague due to the cold so I'm happy to be awake and not excessively snotty.  And be off work all next week so I can spend lots of time with DD & DIL2.  (they'll probably be glad to leave to get away from me)

December 28--Jean Fouquet, The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful Against the Demons.  It was raining like God was evicting demons.  Great drops burst on the pavement, their splashes like lace tangles.  They fell so hard that they sounded like pounding feet.  Kay liked to sit on the porch when it rained.  She liked the cool drops that blew over her when the wind gusted but this was not an ordinary rain.  She wouldn't have been surprised to see toads and little silver fish bounce on the grass with the hard clear drops.  Not one car had driven down the street since the rain began.

I do not know.  I just write what comes and I'm glad when it does.  I'm even gladder when it makes sense but I'll take anything.  It's finally light enough to really see the softly falling flakes, no crashing drops, toads or little silver fish today, only soft, cold, and light flakes.  Have a good day, and may The Force be with you.


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