Monday, December 31, 2012

Now I Can Tell

It just killed me to not tell you about these.  I had the idea in late October, well, I found the online tutorials then.  I grubbed through my fabric stash to find I finally knew the reason I'd been buying small remnants of upholstery fabric all these years.  Then I had to choose a fabric for each of the eight people I wanted to make them for.  I didn't really take many pictures while I was making them since I was lucky enough to be able to take my sewing machine, etc. to work with me for cutting out and sewing.  I only had to buy the zippers for the dopp kits, I had all the other supplies on hand--velcro, batting, fabrics, and thread of course.  I really was intrigued by the travel tray because too many times I hesitate to remove my jewelry in a motel room because I'm worried it'll go astray.  They were a snap to make.  They're about 7" x 9" when they're flat.  You pinch the corners together to make a small tray for holding small things.  Oh, it's vital that you make the inside out of solid fabric so that no tiny earring gets lost in a busy print.


The dopp kits were a bit more of a challenge since the instructions were written for separating zippers instead of the standard zippers that I had.  It turned out to be lucky that I had to buy extra long zippers in the colors that I wanted so I could open them way up and mostly follow the directions.  I did not bind the inside seams as the pattern directed, that was way too much work and sewing gymnastics for me, I serged them.  

I used some of the travel trays as table favors at Christmas dinner and wrapped the dopp kits for Christmas gifts.  Naturally they coordinate.

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