Monday, December 17, 2012

And Four Dollars More

I couldn't shake the idea that I should have picked up one of each solid color cotton dishcloth yarn at the Knitting Guild meeting last Thursday, so I emailed Linda who directed me to Vicki who let me crash her quiet Sunday afternoon to get said yarn.  Eight skeins=4 dollars.  See the pretty colors?  I'm more of a variegated girl so I rarely buy solids but I do admire the way Kay over at Mason-Dixon knits her ballband dishcloths with solids. 

And since I have recently rediscovered the joy that is ballband Swiffer covers for dusting uncarpeted floors, I perceive more ballband knitting on my horizon...

...after I finish this Christmas stocking that I cast on a year ago in November 2011 and only recently rediscovered in the controlled chaos that is my knitting area.  Today's quest was to find a less awkward to make a jogless stripe and I think I may have found a less contorted way to accomplish the pattern's recommended technique.  I've said it before, there's more than one way to skin a cat--and I'm a big fan of the easiest way to be found.

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