Monday, December 3, 2012

Beee-Yooooh (that's my foghorn interpretation)

Holy moly, it's foggy today.  I'm glad I only have to drive across town not across the state like W&AZ.  They came to town to go to the Vikings game with DS & DIL1 and are going home today.  They live in Minneapolis, the heart of Vikings territory, so I'm sure they were glad to be here, in the heart of Packers territory, to watch the Vikings lose.  It kind of balances out because W&AZ went to U of MN for undergrad so they root for the... oh yeah, the Gophers when they play the Badgers of UW-M who, btw, kicked the Nebraska Cornhuskers' butt on Saturday night.  Durwood kept hollering the score to me each time Wisconsin made more; he was hollering quite a bit since they won, like, 70 to some piddly number.  Evidently the real Nebraska team couldn't make the game. They're usually pretty good, right?  If Mom was around I could ask her but, no, she had to go and die last year.  Inconsiderate.  She was the real football fan (not that you're not, Aunt B, I know you are and Durwood is too, but neither of you put the "fan" in "fanatic" quite like Mom did) who kept me up to date on all the teams even though I didn't care a fig about it.  Durwood commented that if I get a grandson who likes it or even worse plays it, I'll turn into a fan.  He's probably right since I fell madly in love with Porter when DS & DIL1 got her and shucked a lifelong fear of dogs like a prom dress after midnight. (I love that analogy)  Amazingly I'm not afraid of any dogs anymore.  Go figure.  Which just proves that an old dog can learn new tricks.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "something you held" and the only thing I held this morning is my mug of coffee, so that's what you get.  I love my coffee first thing in the morning.  I only get one cup/mug full a day because I just don't tolerate caffeine that well, but one is better than none.  I used to have to drink decaf and that was bearable, barely, but I like the real stuff better so I'm glad I'm back to it after a long hiatus.  Last year I changed anti-depressants and couldn't find a time of day to take the pill that wouldn't put me to sleep throughout the day so I tried having just one cup of high-test coffee and, ta-da, I can stay awake and get to have REAL coffee again.  Score!  I hate to say this, but I'm ready for it to be snowy.  It's too hard to feel all Christmas-y when it's green, foggy, and 50 degrees out.  Now that Fifi's in the yard, it can snow.  Lala's coming up in a couple weeks to see the light show and take the wagon ride at the Botanical Garden with me and it'll be better with snow, not a lot, not hub-deep to a Ferris wheel, but a nice snow cover that makes all the lights twinkle and shine, please.

December 3--Stefano da Verona, Three Standing Figures.  Gilly and 'Nora sat at the bottom of the steps waiting for their cousin Anastasia.  "Stacy's always late," said 'Nora picking at the scab on her knee.  "Hm?" Gilly said.  She put her finger in the book to mark her place.  "Oh, yeah, she is."  She craned her neck to look to see if Stacy was in the kitchen.  "What's taking her so long?"  'Nora shook her head.  "You know how Aunt Pen is.  Stacy's room has to be House Beautiful perfect before she can come out.  I'd be grown, dead, and buried before I'd get outside."  Gilly nodded.  "You are so right."  Finally the three of them walked down to the grade school where 'Nora turned onto the track to run her daily laps.  Gilly sat on the only unbroken swing to read while Stacy drew her picture.  the only sounds were the rhythmic slaps of 'Nora's feet and the shouts of the baseball game in the field on the other side of the school.  The shadows had shifted so that Gilly sat in the shade, and Stacy had moved on to drawing a dandelion puff.  Gilly looked around.  "Stacy," she said, "where did 'Nora go?"  Stacy looked up and dropped her pencil.  "I have no idea.  She wouldn't run home without us."

No good comes next, I'm just telling you.  This one I might even pursue.  I need to go make myself clean and feed myself some Cheerios (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) before I go and keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.  I've already loaded a cutting mat and bag of fabrics into Beverly so I can cut out projects for Christmas sewing.  Watch, now that I've got a bag of things to do it'll be busy which I won't mind one little bit because the deadness of business the last few weeks has gotten to even me who is usually perfectly content to sit there with an earbud stuck in my ear and my fingers busy with yarn.  Anyway, I'm outta here.  Toodles.

--Barbara Sue

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