Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Simon Lagree of Meatballs

That's who my beloved Durwood turned into after supper last night.  DD & DIL2 had an errand to run and then gifts to wrap (how convenient!) so I was pressed into service in the meatball sweatshop.  (actually I volunteered so that the girls wouldn't have to run around like crazed weasels this morning)  I know these look like two pictures of the same pan of meatballs but they're not.  This is what 2 lbs. of ground meat makes when your sweatshop master makes you make teeny tiny meatballs.  Do you realized that tomorrow's the last day of 2012?  I can't believe it but I have to say I'm glad to see it go.  We spent too much time in doctor's offices this year but on the other hand we had one of the best vacations ever when we drove out to Yellowstone National Park where they keep the geysers and the buffalo roam.  BUFFALO!  I want one.  Mmm, maybe not, they're a bit large for my small yard although that segues nicely into today's Photo a Day theme which is "something that made you smile this year."  The aforementioned western vacation fits that bill perfectly.  We. Had. A. Blast.  And thinking about it still makes me smile.  Those two weeks were the gift to ourselves that keeps on giving.  Speaking of gifts (another boffo segue) today's the day we finally open our gifts.  Yay!  There's an enticing pile of gifts under the tree and more will come with DS & DIL1.  Prezzies!  Teehee, I love presents, but I'm really excited to give presents.  Porter's coming too but she already got hers.  I couldn't wait.  What's going to happen when I have a grandchild or two?  I'm going to turn into Mom--in the best sense of Mom because she was enchanting with her grandkids and they loved her (still do) for it.  Well, now I miss her a lot again.

December 30--Kyuichi Uchida, Kynichi Mutsuhito, The Emperor Meiji.  He is a sad cross between worlds.  Not of the new one, fleeing the old.  Modernity sits awkwardly on the shoulders built broad by epaulets hung with gold.  The table beside him draped with an embroidered silk cloth meant to be a kimono holds a most ridiculous admiral's hat foaming with ostrich feathers.  What an awkward straddle he faced, balancing progress with tradition.

Time to go eat breakfast (Fage yogurt & granola) to sop up the caffeine I feel coursing through my veins.  Onward!
--Barbara Sue

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