Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went to the winter Farmer's Market this morning (it's raining and Durwood didn't feel tiptop).  I found a 3# bag of hydroponic tomatoes for my beloved... and was tempted into buying a whole bunch of various root veggies--golden & red-striped beets, parsnips, carrots, a giant rutabaga--for roasting to take to Christmas dinner.  I was helpless before the mounds of colorful and not fake sparkly vegetables and kept dipping into my wallet for more money.

The first thing that tempted me was this:

a booth of YARN!  

They're from Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill in Valders.  (I realized that Lyn, Skully, and I had gone to their holiday sale once when we first started knitting.)  He told me that they raise the sheep, shear the sheep, clean the fleeces, send them out to be spun, then dye them themselves.  I was strong at first, leaving the temptation behind while I sought tomatoes for Durwood, but I couldn't leave without going back to the yarn.  But I only bought one skein.  I should get credit for that, at least.

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