Friday, December 14, 2012

Eleven Dollars Worth

Some lady passed a while back and willed all of her needlecrafting things to the Embroiderer's Guild, one of whose members is a part of the Knitting Guild too.  She brought bins and bags of yarn to the meeting last night to sell at greatly reduced prices, the money to benefit the guild's coffers and the remaining yarn to be used for charitable knitting.  Most of it was acrylic and there was a bin of dishcloth cottons.  I picked out some partial skeins, a few skeins to use to make he-man chemo hats, and a magazine with a shawl pattern I'd like to make in it.  Boys like blue so I got the blue Wool Ease in both worsted & chunky, really the only non-girly yarn she had.  Now I need a hat pattern for chunky yarn.

Here's my total haul--that skein of "Falling Leaf Ombre" takes me back to the late-1960s when I decorated my room in burnt orange, avocado, and brown.  Groovy.  It goes well with our mid-1970s burnt orange carpeting, doesn't it?

I finished the crocheted border of the Hubbard Grand-baby Blankie.  I really like how it turned out.  I hope CH, Baby Hubbard, and the baby mama like it too.

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