Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I Want To Know Is... come it's nice and sunny on the days I work and overcast and rainy when I don't? Hmmm? Can someone tell me that? And another thing, are there mosquitoes yet? Because I've got an itchy spot that looks like one and I thought it was too early for them. I'm at the point where I want a total do-over, just want everything to stop, reset, and then start again. I think that'll straighten out things, let the lawn weeds die, have a clean house and tidy yard, kind of like drawing a red line in your checkbook when things get too confusing, putting in the bank's number and starting again. Like that. One good thing, our asparagus is coming up! I picked the first spear yesterday afternoon and ate it raw as an appetizer. I showed it to Durwood, didn't offer to share, not the first one. He can have one of the other ones that are also coming up, just not the first one. Hey, my dad's the one who drove along country roads with a shovel and a bucket, so it's like my inheritance from Dad. I get the first one, it's my birthright.

April 27--Easter Island. The gigantic head with its distorted features loomed over her. She didn't want to touch the rough black lava rock sculpture but the guide had lined up the members of the tour insisting that they each had to "feel the power of the moai." Elise didn't want to feel the power, didn't want to lay her bare hand on it. She had felt the push of the island vibes as soon as she stepped onto the launch tied up to the side of the cruise ship. The feeling was so forceful, it was like she had to press against a strong wind. Her eyes roamed the island coast as the small boat neared and the large dark stone heads really stood out against the blue sky and the green land. She had an immediate feeling that she shouldn't be there, shouldn't step foot on their ground but she was stuck. The next launch back to the ship wasn't scheduled for a couple hours so she went on the tour as planned.

No, Elise, don't touch it! Will her hand stick to the rock, will it fling her away, or will she be sucked into a vortex dragging the other tourists with her into a wormhole? Yeah, I don't know either but maybe someday I'll come back to find out.

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