Monday, April 5, 2010

Have A Good Day?

I hope all of your enjoyed your holiday. We didn't have anything planned since Mom's got some virus and I hurt my knee, so we all stayed home and rested. The lovely and talented Durwood made Chicken Bengali (chicken breast spread with curry and mustard and baked) with a baked sweet potato and fresh cauliflower. He's the best. I spent most of the day at my computer playing with stories and sending 3 of them off to find new homes, I hope.

April 4--Bira Beach, Sulawesi. The wide stretch of pure white sand was smooth and unmarred by footprints. The thick stand of sea grape on the right provided the only shade and the tall palms held their green coconuts high out of reach. "If there's a freshwater spring nearby," said Theresa, "I might be tempted to stay right here." She turned to look down the beach the way they had come from the village. It was rare enough for Americans to come here that they had acquired a train of giggling children that followed them shouting 'Coca-Cola" and "Michael Jackson." You know what? This is terrible and I refuse to waste any more paper, pencil lead, and time on it. Good night.

As you can plainly see, I didn't have a lot of luck writing last night. Let's hope I have better luck with the submissions. Fingers crossed.

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