Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a Very Knitty Weekend

For some reason I didn't do a lot of knitting over the weekend. I don't know why. I did frog that silk and mohair scarf--again. It was pretty but not what I wanted. Zoe had started a lacy scarf last week after seeing what I was doing the week before and hers was all hole-y and open whereas mine was solid, pretty but not what I was thinking of. Then I had a brainstorm. I have a book called Ocean Breezes which is chockful of scarf patterns with a sea theme, and there in that book was one called Sea Foam made for that skinny yarn. So once again I carefully frogged my knitting, separated them into two piles, rewound them into cakes, and cast on. I had thought I might alternate the yarns, doing one pattern repeat and then switching, but I couldn't figure out how to make the idle yarn travel up the side without looking bad, so I just put them together again and cast on. It took me a couple pattern rows to understand what I was seeing on my needles and to grasp the symmetry of the pattern, but I got it, and it goes fast. And I picked out another one to do next, I just have to find the perfect yarn and some seashell charms.


Ann said...

Your scarf is beautiful! It looks like the same stitch pattern as my swine flu scarf. Love the yarns!

Barbara said...

It is the same pattern. I like it too. The creamy yarn is lovely to knit with and there's a lot of it, so I'll be able to make something else with it. Yay.